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ROV NEWS: SeaBotix releases Generation 2 grabber

Posted on 14.02.2007 - 10:21 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeaBotix releases Generation 2 grabberSeaBotix recently released their new Gen2 Grabber Arm for the Little Benthic Vehicle (LBV), their industry-leading mini-class ROV. The TJG300 comes standard with a 3-jaw attachment. A 2-jaw Interlocking, 2-jaw Combination Parallel/Cutter, and complete Grabber Attachment Kit are available options.

The TJG300 has higher clamping forces, faster response, a larger range of motion, and increased durability over the Gen1 unit due to a number of proprietary improvements. The housing and attachments are manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum with a hard black Anodize. The mount can be adjusted in 3 positions, port-to-starboard, and manually retracted when not in use.


Often overlooked in the mini and micro-class ROV market is the SeaBotix LBV's capability to lift or manipulate objects as heavy as 45Kg (100lbs) to just below the surface using the TJG300 Grabber Arm and our revolutionary small-diameter umbilical. The 7.6mm umbilical, has a 45Kg (100lb) working strength, with a 318Kg (700lb) breaking strength. Opening grates, retrieving heavy tools, transferring equipment from divers to the surface, cutting small lines, attaching messenger lines for heavier lifting, or simply taking bottom samples for research are all tasks that can be accomplished with the SeaBotix TJG300 Grabber Arm.

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