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Posted on 02.02.2007 - 19:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Photo opportunityThe 2007 launch of the Cougar-XT and the increasing publicity arising from the success of 'Seaeye electric work ROVs' has generated a lot of good feedback from satisfied customers happy to share their experience of working with this class of vehicle.


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  Seaeye Panther Plus 911 in Vietnam   Seaeye Cougar in the Mediterranean  

These two pictures are of particular interest in illustrating alternative approaches to the launch and recovery of electric work ROVs in their TMS. PTSC's Panther Plus (above left) is engaged in drill support and IRM in Vietnam and has a LARS fitted with a sheave and lock latch. The lock latch captures the TMS bullet allowing weight to be taken off the umbilical as the vehicle is brought inboard. Steadying lines are used to control the swing and orientation of the package during launch and recovery.

The Seaeye Cougar system (above right) is shown being recovered following operations to lift and relay an acoustic tracking range at depths of over 1,500 metres. Its LARS is fitted with a Seaeye designed Snubber/Rotator that firmly captures the ROV at the Head of the 'A' Frame and prevents swinging while the TMS is rotated fore and aft between 'A' Frame legs for recovery on deck. The use of a snubber rotator is a relatively new concept on ROVs of this size allowing operations to continue more safely in heavier sea states.

We are very grateful to Gary Cooper, ROV supervisor with PTSC, for sending this picture of the 11th Panther Plus built and delivered to Vietnam in 2003. Since then a further 16 systems have been sold with 6 currently in production for delivery to customers in the Far East, Middle East and Russia.

Italian ROV Contractor DNT Offshore Srl were the first to recognise the potential for a more compact electric work ROV and were involved in the original specification for the Cougar in 2003. Since then 14 systems have been sold including 7 of the new Cougar-XTs which are now in production for delivery this year. DNT Offshore will take delivery of Cougar-XT 1407 in the spring.

So with all these ROVs out there, I am sure that there must be a lot more pictures around that people would find interesting. We would be very pleased to see and publish any high-definition, well composed location shots that show your systems hard at work.

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