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Inspection: A new generation of DVRs from NETmc Marine

Posted on 20.12.2006 - 07:05 EST in INSPECTION NEWS (Subsea) by Rons_ROV_Links

A new generation of DVRs from NETmc MarineNETmc Marine, the Scottish based developers of digital video recorders for the Marine, ROV and Diving inspection market, are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of low-cost digital video recorder/players.

The new range, named 73fifty, is designed to directly replace the old VCR. There are three models available all of which encode to MPEG2 at selectable bit rates, have standard VCR controls and use a USB2.0 link to download the video from the 120GB internal storage device. The download is achieved using the accompanying application, which is a non-install; typical download speed of a 30-minute file is under 4 minutes.

The standard unit is a 1U high, 8" deep 19" rack mountable recorder/player with an MPEG2 encoder, the bit rate can be set to one of three options, this is standard across the product range. This unit's features include standard VCR controls, the ability to take stills (JPEG) without interrupting the recording, internal clock, video and audio pass through and two recording modes.

73fifty standard

The second model is a Black Box version, which is the same size as the standard unit, but which will record video and audio for a minimum of 44 hours, dependant on bit rate selected, on a continuous loop; so no need for endless tape changing. This unit is ideal for HSE monitoring of hazardous operations at sea. The video files in this unit are recorded in blocks of 5 minutes so when the drive is full the system simply records over the first 5 minute file on the drive. This file size also makes downloading the video quicker, and easier for navigating in during playback.

73fifty Black Box

A Peli case version completes the range, it is rugged and portable and ideal for small ROV/diving operations, onshore projects or in non-clean environments, as the outer case is easily wiped clean. Also there is a space for your power cable and microphone inside the case.

73fifty Peli

NETmc Marine will be exhibiting at Underwater Intervention in New Orleans in January '07 and also the Subsea UK exhibition in Aberdeen in February, our complete range of DVRs, video overlays and other video related products will be on display.

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