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Newsletter from Scottish-Subsea Technology Group

scotbeve writes:  A multitude of articles covering every topic concerning offshore high technology in the UK/Norwegian sector

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Impulse Enterprise survives factory fire

San Diego, California, USA ## Sales manager Andy Gardner told Oceansp@ce recently that a fire severely damaged one of the buildings at Impulse Enterprise on Saturday, November 29. “Fortunately no one was injured; however, a large amount of machinery, tooling, and inventory was lost,” he said. Gardner said he wanted “all of our customers to note that as the fire only damaged one of our buildings, Impulse is still fully operational. In our other building, we have the necessary production capabilities to manufacture all of our products.”


Maritime forms alliance with Offshore Marine Service Associat

Houston, TX ..., the premier online maritime employment website specializing in bringing together both offshore and shipping employees and employers, announced today to have formed an alliance with the Offshore Marine Service Association (OMSA) and launched a joint employment site under the name of

OilOnline - December 17, 2003

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Government OKs oil drilling in Barents

Rons_ROV_Links writes:  Norway's three-party coalition government confirmed Monday that it will allow oil and gas drilling in the Barents Sea, but block such activities near the scenic Lofoten archipelago. State oil company Statoil already had dropped drilling plans in the area.


TV show host dies in Palau

Rons_ROV_Links writes:  By Scott Radway

KOROR, Palau ## A host of a History Channel series featuring sunken ships drowned during a 250-foot dive to the USS Perry, a World War II wreck.

Michael Norwood, 36, an experienced British scuba diver and instructor for deep dives...


'Free Willy' whale, Keiko, dies

Rons_ROV_Links writes:  OSLO, Norway (AP) ## Keiko, the killer whale made famous by the "Free Willy" movies, has died in Norwegian coastal waters where he remained after millions of dollars and a decade of work failed to coax him back to the open sea, his caretakers said early Saturday.

The whale, who was 27, ...


UK gets first flavour of North Sea oil drying up

Rons_ROV_Links writes:  Britain has been given its first alarming glimpse into a future when the North Sea's oil begins to dry up. In September, oil imports exceeded exports for the first time since August 1991. The turnabout from a £ 400 mm surplus to a £ 63 mm deficit helped to ...


Robots set to remove Prestige oil

Rons_ROV_Links writes:  MADRID, Spain (Reuters) ## Spain is to use submersible robots and a fleet of shuttles to remove thousands of tonnes of fuel oil from the wreck of the tanker Prestige, which broke in half and sank off its northwestern coast just over a year ago.

The 26-year old tanker spilled ...

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