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US oil company bosses to travel to Libya next week

The chairmen of US oil companies Marathon, ConocoPhillips and Occidental will
visit Libya next week for talks with Moammar Qadhafi, the Libyan leader's son
said in remarks published Wednesday. Saif ul-Islam Qadhafi told Al-Hayat
newspaper that some American oil companies had sent teams to Libya last week
after Washington's decision late last month to permit them to negotiate the
terms of resuming work on their oil holdings in the North African country
which they were forced to leave in 1986 under the orders of then US president
Ronald Reagan, AFP reported.


2000 m Depth & Temperature Sensor from Star-Oddi

Star-Oddi has developed a pressure (depth) sensor for measuring ocean depths down to 2000 m (200 bar), DST centi-hp.  The intention is to further develop the sensor for greater depths!  The high pressure sensor DST centi HP (high pressure), records temperature in addition to the depth.  The sensor is a result of Star-Oddi expertise with in the field of material technology.


VideoRay Locates Snowmobile Driver’s Body in Frigid Waters

Exton, PA, March 1, 2004 – The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff's Volunteer Rescue Squad had just received its new 9-pound VideoRay ROV (remotely operated vehicle) weeks before they were called to Ashland, Wisconsin. The Ashland County Sheriff requested that St. Louis County attempt to locate the body of 44 year-old Tracy Schroeder, whose snowmobile plunged into Chequamegon Bay on January 16. Divers had previously made 19 difficult dives in shifting ice in an effort to locate the victim. A diver spent less than one minute in the 37-degree water recovering the body, just five hours after the search with the VideoRay began.


Diavaz-Oceanteam announces two new joint venture operating companies

20-FEB-04 ## Diavaz-Oceanteam is pleased to announce upon behalf of our partners the formation of two new joint venture operating companies DSC-Oceanteam BV and GeoLab-Oceanteam BV. These two new partner companies will align with Diavaz-Oceanteam in the broadening and strengthening of the new Group's position in services provided to the marine industry.


Mexico Move

Aberdeen and Dubai-based legal and business development services firm FraserIBC has launched a new internationalisation service for UK companies seeking to do business in Mexico.

The move follows Mexican state oil company Pemex's announcement it will spend a record £4.47billion on oil and gas exploration in 2004 - offering expansion opportunities for North Sea oil and gas service companies.

FraserIBC has formed an alliance with business consultant Daniela Tonegatti, a former head of Enterprise Oil in Peru, and with a firm of specialist energy lawyers in Mexico City.

Richard Mays, director of FraserIBC, said the new alliance would help UK companies to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the expanding Mexico market.

Source: The Press & Journal


Benthos spheres chosen for international research project

Rons_ROV_Links writes:  

NORTH FALMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS, February 10, 2004 . . . BENTHOS, INC. (NASDAQ: BTHS) announced today that it has been awarded a significant contract to produce spherical glass instrument housings for an international research project being conducted in the ice below the South Pole.


SMD Hydrovision news

mikeritson writes:  

The worlds most advanced pipline plough:

After just a few weeks on site the assembly of the Advanced Multipass Plough System (AMP500) and its sister backfill plough is already looking impressive. The system is on schedule to be delivered to UK based CTC Marine Projects Ltd in April this year.

The machine represents a quantum leap in pipeline ploughing capability. Although it has all the fundamental features that have made SMD ploughs so successful, several technological advances will take pipeline protection to a new level:


Running out of gas: Soaring demand outpaces production

USA. - The natural gas industry faces a year of conflicting extremes in 2004.

Houston-based and multinational energy companies will pursue a number of extremely huge exploration and production projects in the Gulf of Mexico

But the amount of natural gas they supply, although substantial, will be woefully inadequate to offset a U.S. production rate that continues to dwindle at an extremely rapid pace.

And events like the freezing cold snap that hit much of the country in December and caused gas prices to spike 50 percent only represent the tip of the iceberg.

This bleak assessment of the disparity between expanding production and shrinking supply comes from Houston energy guru Matthew Simmons.

The president of Simmons & Co. International, an energy investment bank, believes the United States faces a serious natural gas crisis that could have a devastating impact on the national economy.

And Simmons is not alone...


Fears Detox Drink could Distort Offshore Drug Tests

ginamc writes:  A Powder solution which could cheat drugs tests is being sold by an Aberdeen shop. Zydot Euro Blend and similar products are widely available over the internet.

Experts are testing the substance after a councillor made a formal complaint.

The powder, which costs £36, is designed to be added to water to make a drink which purifies urine.

There were calls last night for tighter restrictions to be introduced on the substance amid fears it could be used by offshore workers and other employees facing drugs tests.

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