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NOAA Commits to C & C Technologies’ C-Nav Worldwide DGPS

National Oceanic Atmospheric National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently committed to C & C Technologies’ C-Nav Worldwide Differential GPS corrections. International Industries, a US C-Nav dealer, sold the C-Nav hardware to NOAA for installation on the Thomas Jefferson. The vessel is presently performing hydrographic operations between NOAA and the Mexican Navy.


New multibeam echo sounder from Kongsberg

The new EM 3002 is an advanced multibeam echo sounder with high resolution and dynamically focused beams. It is well suited for detailed seafloor mapping and inspection with typical water depths between 0.5 and 150 meters.


GIB System

ORCA Instrumentation and the French R&D firm Advanced Concept and System Architecture (ACSA) has developed the GIB system, which is designed to track pinger-fitted underwater vehicles in real-time.


C & C’s AUV Completes “Great White” Survey

C & C Technologies recently completed a hazard survey for Shell’s Gulf of Mexico “Great White” prospect. The survey was completed with C & C’s deepwater Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) which is capable of collecting high-resolution multi-beam bathymetry, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler data in water depths up to 3000 meters.


UK Royal Navy orders integrated survey package

The UK Royal Navy has contracted us to supply a sophisticated integrated survey package for three vessels, HMS Roebuck, her survey motor boat and HMS Endurance.


C & C Technologies and Woods Hole Group Sign Collaboration Agreement

C & C Technologies, Inc. and Woods Hole Group, Inc. recently signed a collaboration agreement to provide geophysical and environmental assessment services to the petroleum industry, as well as government agencies. “I am extremely excited about this new partnership and sense that the synergies between both companies will be extremely beneficial to our clients,” said Thomas Chance, President of C & C Technologies. “This agreement will enable C & C and Woods Hole Group to collectively promote coastal and oceanographic services.”


C & C’s AUV Completes Neptune Survey

C & C Technologies recently completed a hazard survey with the company’s state-of-the-art autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for BHP’s Neptune project in the Gulf of Mexico. C & C’s AUV and crew, aboard the R/V Rig Supporter, worked flawlessly and collected over 1600 kilometers of high-resolution multi-beam bathymetry, side scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler data in water depths up to 1800 meters. With the completion of this survey, C & C’s AUV has performed more than 28,000 kilometers of surveys on 55 different global projects.


VelociMite - Bluetooth SV Probe

Rons_ROV_Links writes:  
VelociMite, the first Sound Velocity probe to use Bluetooth wireless technology continuously transmitting data to a handheld PDA or portable PC.

Anyone involved in Bar-checking or Sound Velocity profiling will be familiar with the problems associated with transferring data from a water based instrument to a computer. The primary problem for directly connected probes is one of large amounts of tangled cable on deck, the secondary problem is the potential to drown the computer while attempting to record or download data in a hostile environment. Slip ring cable spools and self recording probes help avoid these problems but add considerable cost and delays.


Royal Navy confirms repeat Valeport order

Totnes, Devon, U.K. ## Valeport Ltd.’s Kevin Edwards said the Royal Navy has once again chosen Valeport Model 740 portable tide gauges for use in its survey program. Similar products ordered two years ago proved so effective in application that a substantial new order has been placed by the Navy and supplemented by an additional order for Valeport miniSVS sound velocity sensors.


Fathoms completes Flotta Terminal study

Langport, Somerset, U.K. ## Fathoms Ltd. announced that it has recently completed the survey for the proposed new container terminal at Flotta in the Orkney Islands...

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