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Revolutionary change in NOAA nautical chart production means more products, fas

NOAA's development of a new navigational chart processing system, designed to meet the changing needs of the maritime community, moves into initial limited production on September 21. The new system, which slims down the current map production process while it beefs up performance, represents a technological leap forward in creating the navigational charts used to speed ships and products safety through the nation's maritime transportation system.


Coastline Surveys have a busy summer

Coastline Surveys have had a busy and productive summer season with a wide variety of successful contracts. Whilst providing personnel in the Northern North Sea for Oil & Gas geotechnical survey operations, the company's multi-purpose survey vessel, MV FlatHolm and her team, have been busy supporting Port & Harbour Developments, FEPA dredge monitoring campaigns and offshore aggregate licence monitoring and renewal investigations.


World's leading hydrographic organizations team-up to help survey ''Miracle Harb

One of the artificial harbours that played a pivotal role in supplying the Allied forces who landed on D-day is to be surveyed using the latest hydrography software and survey techniques.


NOAA's VDatum a vital GIS tool for safe navigational products

NOAA's just-completed first edition VDatum tool will allow users to combine and transform geospatial data from different sources onto a single vertical reference surface, removing the largest obstacle GIS users face when creating products that enable safe navigation and serve other vital purposes for coastal communities.


SeaZone expands data coverage

SeaZone is significantly expanding the data available in its products, both in terms of geographical coverage and data features. Data from hydrographic offices, research institutions, private companies and NGOs throughout the world is being incorporated into the SeaZone suite of products.


iXSea to launch smallest inertial navigation system in the world at Intergeo 201

iXSea will unveil QUADRANS at this year's Intergeo exhibition in Germany. QUADRANS is the most complete all-in-one, high-grade inertial navigation system ever designed for airborne and land survey applications.


Easytrak's venture into The Gulf of Guinea

Watergate Technical Services based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, purchased two Applied Acoustics' Easytrak USBL tracking systems in 2010 and they quickly became a key, successful operational tool. The company's offshore operations cover the full range of subsea services such as pre-installation pipe route surveys, SEWOP positioning, site hazard surveys, subsea riser and mattress installations.


NOAA and partners demonstrate success of multibeam sonar to detect and map deep-

Multibeam sonar, an echo sounding technology commonly used to map the seafloor, can also be used to map and detect gaseous seeps in the water column, according to scientists testing the technology on board NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer last week in the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike other types of sonar, multibeam technology is able to survey a wide area of the seafloor and water column.


Northrop Grumman introduces new marine gyro-based inertial navigation system

Northrop Grumman Corporation is introducing the MK 39 Mod 4A Ring Laser Ship's Inertial Navigation System, the latest generation of its MK 39 family of navigation systems based on the company's proven ring laser gyro (RLG) technology.


Oceanscience develop multi-profiler instrumentation boat to compare Teledyne RD Instruments and SonTek/YSI Acoustic Dopp

Oceanscience develop multi-profiler instrumentation boat to compare Teledyne RD Instruments and SonTek/YSI Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs)

Researchers at L'Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec (Hydro-Québec Research Institute, or IREQ) wanted to compare the performance of several acoustic Doppler current profilers commonly used for river discharge measurements. As new instruments become available, comparison measurements between new profilers and well known "benchmark" profilers are important to quickly validate the new instrumentation for field use. This process is often made difficult in the river environment where the profilers are deployed on small tethered boats; the boats are usually of varying design for the different profilers, which may bias comparison measurements made using them. In addition, as a result of size limitations it is not possible to deploy any two profilers simultaneously on the same tethered boat.

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