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Teledyne TSS adds heave capability to the new DMS 500 motion sensor range

Following the successful launch of the new DMS-500RP motion sensor range in April, Teledyne TSS is expanding this product range with the introduction of the DMS-500H. This new sensor provides heave measurement to complement the roll and pitch capabilities of the launch model. This is expected to be welcomed by a variety of users in the marine and offshore markets where there is known to be a need for a high accuracy sensor with these capabilities but at a lower cost and without the high performance subsea-rated housings that typify Teledyne TSS products.


MMT buys Neptune 5000 CPT

Having worked extensively with CPT testing on rental equipment for the past 6 years, MMT is proud to announce ownership of a Neptune 5000 CPT. By owning a CPT, MMT has increased its availability of a geotechnical survey spread.


Nautical charting first for Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) has embarked on a project with CARIS to produce the first nautical charts of Nicaragua. The Port of Corinto, the largest on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua was identified as the area that would benefit most from improved navigational coverage.


BlueView to develop the first full ocean depth multibeam imaging sonar

BlueView Technologies, the world leader in compact acoustic imaging and measurement technology, has been commissioned to develop the first full ocean depth (11,000 meters), multibeam imaging sonar systems for historic exploration projects by Virgin Oceanic and film director & National Geographic Explorer in Residence James Cameron (Avatar).


iXSea ROVINS provides marine survey specialist with enhanced heave compensation

iXSea ROVINS provides marine survey specialist with enhanced heave compensation - and the promise of more besides

Calesurvey works with sister companies Calegeo and Calefleet to provide world-class marine survey and contracting services to the offshore energy and telecommunications industries. The companies are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that could enhance the quality of the geophysical and hydrographic site investigations that form their core business.


Sonardyne demonstrates end-to-end waterside security capability onboard Royal Na

Sonardyne International has successfully demonstrated the capabilities of its new long range diver detection sonar, Sentinel 1500, during simulated waterborne attacks against a Royal Navy vessel docked alongside the DSEI defence and security exhibition held in London in September.


Ocean Observatories Initiative successfully deploys moorings in East Coast At Se

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) program this weekend successfully deployed moorings off the New England Coast, marking the first comprehensive test of an OOI system on the East Coast.


Researchers compile first ever high-resolution map of underwater seabed and reef

Two hundred years on from the first recorded landing, researchers have compiled the first ever high-resolution map of the underwater seabed and reefs around Rockall.


Aquarius yields NASA'S first global map of ocean salinity

NASA's new Aquarius instrument has produced its first global map of the salinity of the ocean surface, providing an early glimpse of the mission's anticipated discoveries. Aquarius, which is aboard the Aquarius/SAC-D (Satelite de Aplicaciones Científicas) observatory, is making NASA's first space observations of ocean surface salinity variations - a key component of Earth's climate. Salinity changes are linked to the cycling of freshwater around the planet and influence ocean circulation.


NOAA Ship Rainier returns to Alaska to conduct sea floor surveys in support of s

NOAA Ship Rainier has begun a month long survey of the sea floor near Alaska's Prince of Wales Island as part of a multi-year effort to update nautical charts for the area. In addition to supporting marine navigation, data acquired by the 231-foot hydrographic survey vessel will also support marine ecosystem studies and improve inundation models for areas vulnerable to tsunamis.

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