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Lost buoy found in Atlantic

A large oceanographic data buoy from Newfoundland has been found off Shetland after it went missing during Hurricane Igor in September 2010. Shetland Coastguard was contacted by the stand by vessel Grampian Frontier reporting that they had recovered the large yellow one tonne bouy which had floated into the 500 metre exclusion zone around the Clair Platform.


Ocean Observatories Initiative to conduct at sea mooring tests on East Coast

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) program this month will conduct at-sea tests of moorings off the New England Coast, marking the first comprehensive test of an OOI system on the East Coast.


Teledyne Odom's Hydrotrac II is a huge success

In July of this year Teledyne Odom Hydrographic celebrated the shipment of the 100th Hydrotrac II single beam echosounder. The new Hydrotrac II was only introduced to the market in January and since then it has been flying off the shelves.


Planet Ocean Ltd data buoys for 2012 Olympics

Surrey based Planet Ocean, is proud to announce that their DB-300-ODAS 3m diameter Ocean Data Buoy, currently deployed in Weymouth bay will be providing meteorological and wave data for the 2012 Olympic sailing events.


Coastline Surveys break CPT depth record supporting Calegeo on Mediterranean cab

UK based Coastline Surveys Limited, were contracted by Calegeo, a trading division of Calecore Ltd, for a Alcatel Lucent cable burial assessment survey recently broke their own water depth record with their C-Pen40 seabed CPT system. Under the survey a total of 44 CPT's were completed along the proposed TURCYOS-II cable route.


Argo floats help monitor ocean acidity

Scientists can now remotely monitor the ocean's changing chemistry with help from some of the five-foot-tall Argo floats that drift with deep ocean currents and transmit data via satellite back to land. A new and innovative method shows how readings of the acidity (pH) and total carbon dioxide (CO2) content of seawater can help scientists understand changes in the chemistry of the world's ocean.


Kongsberg introduces new courses for hydrographic survey market

Kongsberg Maritime Ltd has introduced a range of new training courses at its Training & Simulation Centre in Westhill, Aberdeen, aimed at the hydrographic survey market.


NOAA Ship "Thomas Jefferson" conducts sea floor surveys to keep shipping safe along Long Island coast

NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson continues today on a three-month survey of the sea floor off the coast of New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island, as part of a multi-year effort to update nautical charts for Block Island Sound and keep large ships and commerce moving safely.


2G Robotics launches the ULS-500 longer range underwater laser scanner

2G Robotics has expanded our line of underwater laser scanners with the development of the ULS-500. This longer range higher power underwater laser scanner is designed for scanning over larger areas reducing the number of setups required to obtain complete coverage.


Fugro returns to the Aleutians for NOAA

Under it's five-year Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Fugro Pelagos Inc. have commenced surveying operations around the Aleutian chain's Krenitzin Islands, Alaska in late July 2011.

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