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VideoRay ROV Recently Discovered 175 Year Old Schooner in Lake Ontario

  A VideoRay underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) captured the first still images of the schooner Atlas since its sinking in 1839 in Lake Ontario near Oswego, New York.  Believed to be the oldest confirmed commercial schooner discovered in the Great Lakes, the wreckage was located in June 2013 by shipwreck enthusiasts Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Stevens using a high resolution DeepVision side scan sonar system.  They returned last week with the VideoRay ROV to obtain video recording of the shipwreck's remains.



SeaBotix LBV Found After 18 Months in Ocean

 While performing offshore work recently in the Bass Straight off the coast of Australia, an O-Tech 7 work class ROV spotted an object on the seafloor in 110 meters of water.  After closer examination, the object was discovered to be a SeaBotix LBV200-4 MiniROV. There was no tether attached.  The work class ROV pilot recovered the sunken LBV and returned it to the surface.


MA500D Precision Altimeter and OceanCAM

OceanTools Ltd. have recently completed a re-design of their popular MA500 Precision Altimeter. 


DSP electronics combined with frequency swept CHIRP technology are housed in a robust hard anodised aluminium housing rated to 3000m as standard. The MA500D utilises a new, highly efficient composite transducer array enabling altitude measurement with millimetric accuracy and resolution. 


Panthers Picked For Gulf

 Zamil Mermaid Offshore Services has chosen three Saab Seaeye Panther XT Plus ROVs for a seven-year inspection and repair contract for Saudi Aramco.


MacArtney upgrades SAAB Sea Owl ROV system

  MacArtney Norge has a long standing relationship with ROV manufacturer SAAB Seaeye Limited - and the two companies have worked together on numerous projects related to the production, maintenance and sale of the versatile Sea Owl 500 observation class ROV system. Now MacArtney and SAAB Seaeye have developed an upgraded XTi version which, while staying within the realm of the original and proven Sea Owl 500 design, features significant upgrades of all system facets.


Biggest Test Tank Opened by Saab Seaeye

  The largest indoor test facility ever before dedicated to the development of unmanned underwater vehicles has been opened by Saab Seaeye.

Located in Linköping, Sweden, the test tank will allow new underwater systems technology to be trialled and tested in a controlled environment rather than in a lake or at sea.


ROVOP - New ROV added to world fleet

 ROVOP is preparing to add two new ROV's to it's operation.  The company has spent GBP4 Million ($6 Million) on a second Schilling Work Class HD ROV and an additional SAAB Seaeye Cougar XT.


Subsea Americas RCV 155 Cable Cutter

  Subsea Americas has added to its rental rov tooling fleet recently a WebTool RCV 155 cable cutter capable of cutting cable wire over six inches in diameter.  The tool was modified to be operated via 17H API hot stab whereas simplifying its subsea use via ROV. 


ROV and Diver Operated Underwater Switch

 With numerous UK and overseas sales already secured, the new OceanTools C-Switch is off to a very successful start.


The extremely rugged and reliable C-Switch is a multipurpose quarter turn subsea switch for electrical and ‘master switch’ applications. Designed for ROV or diver operation, the chemically inert and corrosion free C-Switch is engineered for harsh environments and is suitable for long-term deployment. When used as a ‘Master On/Off’ switch the unit may extend the operating life of e.g. a battery pack by isolating it. C- Switch has positive détentes in both ‘Off and On’ positions ensuring shock and vibration do not interfere with its required position or operation. 


F5 Robotics releases affordable compact ROV the Prospector Jr

F5Robotics writes:  
    The compact version of the full size Prospector ROV, the Prospector Jr borrows the same simple and robust design as it's big brother. With a 500TV Line CCD Camera, Integrated brushless motor controllers, 12V Power tubes, 15"LCD controller the size of a briefcase and a spooled floating tether thinner than a pencil, the Prospector Jr is eager to please and ready to use out of the box. 
     Perfect for inspections, research, recreational use, wreck footage, underwater videography and many other ventures. It's robust design makes it very durable, impact resistant but also lightweight. Additional sensors and equipment can be added and it's available customized specifically to your requirements on request.
    The Prospector Jr's power system doubles as skid weights using F5's Powertube design. Each tube carries 10 High capacity 5000mAh sub-c NiMh cells. All 20 cells work together in a 10S2P configuration providing 12 volts at 10,000mAh capacity. The cells are matched and arrive cycled, charged and installed. 
    Controlling your ROV has never been easier with the F5 Compact Control Center. Smaller than a briefcase, it's loaded with a 15" Color LCD screen, USB drive DVR Recorder, dual high resolution joysticks and a 12V tether to hook to your boats battery or any other 12V source. Control signals and vide are transmitted between the controller and ROV using a 200ft floating tether on a manual cable reel with integrated slip ring assembly. 
Images, specs and more info is available at
   The Prospector Jr is available is 4 configurations starting at just $4920.99 making it an affordable and capable unit for recreational and professional use.

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