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Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV Helps Japan to Harness Offshore Wind

 After Japan’s 50 nuclear reactors closed following the Fukushima disaster, wind is now seen as an important alternative energy source.


J2 Subsea Launches Base in New Iberia (US)

 J2 Subsea, an Acteon company, has opened a new facility in New Iberia, Louisiana, to make its extensive range of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) tools more readily available for subsea operations in the Gulf of Mexico.


Advanced MacArtney TRIAXUS ROTV for CSIRO

  MacArtney has supplied a TRIAXUS remotely operated towed underwater vehicle to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, and one of the largest and most diverse agencies in the world.

The TRIAXUS underwater vehicle will be utilised on Australia’s Marine National Facility research vessel, the Investigator. 


Canyon ROV Services award from McDermott

 Canyon has McDermott award for ROVs services across construction and pipelay support vessels. Three years plus options is duration. Canyon will mobilise dual work ROV spreads as required and is initially expected to cover North Ocean-102, North Ocean-105, newbuild North Ocean-108, and newbuild DLV-2000. Mid-2014 is expected to see first mobilisation with six systems on three vessels.


Deepocean picks new concept ‘Leopard ROV’ for MV Deep Helder

  DeepOcean has opted for the new concept Leopard ROV from Saab Seaeye. 

Seen as the most powerful ROV of its size in the world, its combination of 11 thrusters, unrivalled payload, and a host of advanced technology features won over DeepOcean, which itself is an innovator in providing subsea services. 
“It’s a pioneering design from Saab Seaeye - a company with a track record of innovation,” says Rick Green, Regional Manager Netherlands at DeepOcean, “and will be a valuable addition to our fleet.


Deeptech of Egypt orders Quasar mark II work ROV from SMD.

  Deeptech of Egypt has ordered Quasar mark II work ROV from SMD. System is 150 horsepower and rated to 3,000 msw. Later this quarter will see system delivered complete with A-frame and TMS. Deeptech already operates Quantum 9, two Tritons plus one Seaeye

Panther Plus.


Fast and Deep for Meridian

  Meridian Ocean Services has added two Saab Seaeye Lynx ROVs to its Falcon fleet to undertake a wider range of deeper inspection tasks at short notice.

The company has already won a niche in the market for undertaking fast response assignments in the offshore fields of America, Trinidad and Mexico.


Missing plane: Potential 'game-changer' for recovery

The news that signals consistent with the missing Malaysia Airlines plane have been detected has been called the most promising lead so far.

Experts are still urging caution at this stage, but if these "pings" detected by the Australian ship Ocean Shield are confirmed a recovery operation could at last get under way.

David Mearns, director of Blue Water Recoveries Ltd, said: "We've gone from little hope to a lot of hope in the space of a day.


Behind the scenes: Filming remotely operated underwater vehicles at sea

Off Aberdeen, Scotland (CNN) -- Against a bright blue sky, seagulls noisily squabbled above us as we set off aboard a crew boat, feeling rather small as we gently weaved our way past the gigantic vessels docked in Aberdeen harbor. The calm conditions that had allowed us to easily film inside the port quickly changed once we left the harbor, as we came up against 25-knot winds, rolling waves and spray soaking us from all sides.


Unexploded German bombs blown up by device that looks like bubble gum

They have lain submerged off the coast of Britain for more than 70 years, but three unexploded German bombs were finally disposed of by a small device that looked like a Hubba Bubba chewing gum packet.

The 50kg devices barely shook the surface of the water as they were blown up by British explosives experts, although any marine life in the area may have got a bit of a shock as the boom radiated through the depths.

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