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Savante lights the route forward with underwater laser scanner

Savante writes:  

Savante Offshore Services Ltd (SOSL) is proud to announce the release of their latest and most powerful subsea laser inspection scanner.  With an established record of operation in the measurement and categorisation of pipeline damage to the oil super-majors spanning four years and having recently successfully completed a trenching metrology campaign on the UK continental shelf, the latest system features new levels of laser power providing sub-mm precision in ultra-deep water using any workclass or inspection ROV in realtime.


DONG Takes Cracked Siri Platform Off Stream


DONG Energy has shut in its Danish Siri field and two associated fields, reports Dow Jones. According to the operator, cracks were identified in part of the Siri production platform.

During routine maintenance, DONG discovered the cracks in a small tank attached to the Siri platform's 50,000 cubic-meter subsea oil storage tank, the report noted.



BP to deploy 3D laser scanner to analyze defective risers

Smart Light Devices (SLD), a subsea surveillance company, is working with BP to explore the technical questions surrounding two defective risers on an installation off the coast of Angola.


Subsea pipeline survey reporting integrated into Coabis 10.3

Coabis 10.3 sees the inclusion of the Sarah pipeline survey reporting functions within the main Coabis application. Sarah is now de-supported.


Revolutionary North Sea flexible riser inspection

AGR Field Operations, with partner Flexlife have successfully performed the world's first diver less, subsea ultrasonic examination on a number of flexible risers. The combined efforts have resulted in a unique inspection achievement in the North Sea.


Panton in new contracts bid

Water cleaning specialist Panton McLeod has carried out its first contract with Folkestone and Dover Water Services.


Pipeline survey reporting coming to Coabis

Following the release of Coabis 10.2, Coabis is now working on the next version of Coabis. This version will include the pipeline survey reporting functionality currently found in Aker's Sarah product.


Coabis 10.2 released

Coabis 10.2 has been released. This is a free upgrade to all users with current software maintenance agreements.


VisualSoft announces VisualEyes and sales

VisualSoft have developed a new product called VisualEyes for real-time distribution and viewing of video over networks.


Successful launch of AGR Neptune

AGR Group's Neptune was successfully launched at an offshore demonstration outside Bergen this week, with a number of major oil companies in attendance. The ROV system maps pipelines down to a depth of 6,000 meters.

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