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C-Nav announces latest C-Nav3050 advances

C-Nav, the premier supplier of international GNSS Precise Point Positioning services, has announced the latest advances to its C-Nav3050 GNSS receiver.


New mooring communications system provides fast, low power wireless communicatio

Off the coast of the islands of Morea, a new innovation provided by MacArtney Underwater Technology Group transfers data via wireless modem. This new technology opens up areas otherwise unavailable by mobile networks and unsuitable for conventional radio transmission systems.


Launch of Cygnus Workclass ROV Mountable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Cygnus Instruments Ltd have announced the launch of their latest ROV mountable multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge, the Cygnus Workclass.

These new instruments replace the long standing 1000m and 3000m units with the following additional features with NO increase in price:





WFS provides high-tech wireless control system for WaveJet's Personal Water Prop

WFS Defense and WFS Technologies, world leading suppliers of through-water wireless using radio frequency (RF) technology for communication and navigation, have completed delivery of handheld wireless remote control systems to WaveJet Technologies.


Skilltrade: New Handbooks of Offshore Surveying in 3 Volumes

Skilltrade was founded to provide vocational training to professionals who are affiliated with the offshore survey industry. Because of the demand for training in general, courses are now also given to personnel who have minimal offshore survey exposure. The training is focused on providing the individuals with knowledge fitting their professional competences through a series of multi-level and multi-skilled courses, based on the industries own requirements and verifiable standards.


Hadal Technologies Dibujo HD video overlay system: Upgraded for HD screen captur

Hadal Technologies has upgraded its Dibujo HD-SDI High Definition Video Overlay to also perform screen captures of real time video. The Dibujo can now take a snapshot of the overlay output with no interruption to the HDSDI video. Other HD camera systems capable of capturing real time images often disable the HD video output during the image capture, leaving ROV pilots 'on standby' until the video stream returns. Such systems also often require that the stored image be transferred from the camera via some other data link like USB, whereas the Dibujo performs all image capture topside and stores the file locally or to any networked computer.


CDL launch MiniPOS3 with INS/USBL capability

MiniPOS3 is a powerful upgrade to CDL's existing high accuracy RLG (Ring Laser Gyro) based MiniPOS2 technology. MiniPOS3 has the capability to receive position updates from external systems such as USBL and mix that data with the inertial sensor via a powerful Kalman filter to provide high update, smoothed, positional information.


Oceaneering closes BOP ram at depth in less than 25 seconds

Oceaneering International, Inc. has successfully closed a subsea BOP ram in less than 25 seconds at 4300 fsw. The test used a company Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and a Subsea Accumulator Module that was designed and manufactured by Oceaneering's Deepwater Technical Solutions (DTS) group.


Specialist SV sensors available from OSIL

OSIL/AML have supplied a set of specialist SV sensors, calibrated to 2000 m/s, as part of the instrumentation package for use in water-filled cavity survey and well logging applications.


New wireless comms system for all marine instruments

OSIL are pleased to announce the launch of a new point to point wireless communications system, developed to overcome the issues associated with traditional GSM modems and VHF/UHF radio communications. The system provides a unique solution to longstanding problems.

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