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TRUE LUMENS - Accurate lighting data guaranteed

DeepSea Power & Light is proud to introduce the TRUE LUMENS reporting program to provide accurate data to underwater lighting users.


Teledyne Benthos announces release of new ATM-900 series acoustic telemetry mode

Teledyne Benthos, Inc. announced today the release of its new generation of acoustic telemetry modems. The new ATM-900 series modems add features and functionality that meet industry needs based on the company's proven acoustic technology. The modems are designed to incorporate enhanced data logger capability up to 6MB in a flash file format and offer dual serial ports, allowing users to connect to 2 sensors with a single modem.


C-Nav launches multi-source C-Nav7000

C-Nav, the premier supplier of international GNSS Precise Point Positioning (PPP) services, announces the latest addition to its C-Nav range of precise positioning solutions.


C-Nav launches new C-NavC2 full constellation GNSS correction services

C-Nav, the premier supplier of international GNSS Precise Point Positioning services, releases a second independent full constellation (GPS & GLONASS) GNSS correction service called C-NavC² .


Applied Acoustics launches new S-Boom

Capable of operating at a maximum energy setting of 1000 Joules per pulse, and firing at three pulses per second, the S-Boom has achieved penetration results of over 200mS through sand and limestone whilst delivering the high quality resolution records expected from boomer systems. The high repetition rates and pulse stability allow for faster surveying, adding to the system's overall versatility.


LYYN Hawk System offers new features

LYYN is introducing new video enhancement features to the LYYN Hawk System.


BlueView starts work on new imaging sonar system for ultra-deep oil & gas operat

BlueView Technologies has been awarded funding from RPSEA (Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America) and is partnered with Chevron’s Energy Technology Company to test acoustic imaging and measurement systems that improve underwater metrology, accelerate installations, enhance inspection capability to ensure flow, and reduce downtime or shut-in with detailed structure assessments.


Roboteq announces programmable 2x60A DC or 1x120A motor controller targets mobil

Roboteq announces programmable 2x60A DC or 1x120A motor controller targets mobile robot & automation applications

Roboteq, Inc. introduces an intelligent controller capable of directly driving two DC motors up to 60Amps each, at up to 50V. The MDC2250 is targeted at designers of mobile robots, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), or any other high power motor control application.


Applanix launches POS MV V5 for hydrographic survey

Applanix announced today the release of POS MV V5 (Position and Orientation System for Marine Vessels), the next generation of its industry leading georeferencing and motion compensation system for hydrographic surveying. The announcement was made at Ocean Business 2011, a leading international hands-on ocean technology and training forum.


PDM launches new compact quickcure moulding system for cost-effective cable repa

PDM Neptec is introducing a new compact version of its Quickcure Moulding System (QMS) which is competitively priced and even more portable than the four-slot QMS first produced in 1997. The Compact QMS comprises a single slot custom made mould heating block, Quickcure heater and temperature probe. Sachet based twin pack Elastomers are available for use in custom made moulds which are supplied with a Peg Spanner and Mould Drift for de-moulding.

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