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SubC Imaging launches SubC DVR software v5

SubC_Imaging writes:  

 SubC Imaging is excited to introduce latest version of its  SubC DVR software, version 5. Based on valuable input from users and a detailed analysis of the industry’s  current needs, this version includes a  significant number of  improvements over previous versions.


ROS LTD. Supply ROVOP Subsea LEDs

Remote Ocean Systems Ltd. (Aberdeen, Scotland) is pleased to announce the sale of a significant number of subsea LEDs to ROVOP, an independent provider of subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).



Fastest ROV Sprints with Sonardyne SPRINT

MMT, specialists in high-resolution marine surveys, has successfully completed offshore integration trials of their new high-speed remotely operated vehicle with Sonardyne International’s SPRINT inertial navigation system.

The 2,000 meter rated vehicle, named Surveyor Interceptor, has been developed by MMT to improve the speed and efficiency of seabed mapping and pipeline inspections surveys. Its revolutionary design features a hydrodynamic hull and powerful drivetrain enabling the vehicle to travel at up to six knots, around 50% faster than conventional Work-class ROVs. The accuracy of SPRINT complements the vehicle’s state-of-the-art imaging and mapping sensors, resulting in improved survey data quality and substantially reduced ‘cost per kilometer’ of surveys.


MacArtney scales up Australian underwater technology venture

Fuelled by a steady increase in demand for complete integrated underwater system solutions, the MacArtney Group has opted to significantly bolster its system sales focus in Australia and New Zealand. Spearheaded by the hiring of experienced engineer and underwater technology specialist, Tom Zezou,  as System Sales Manager, MacArtney is well-equipped to handle even more complex projects and system challenges in the future. Global solutions “down under”


ROV assesses thickness of oil slicks from underneath

When people are attempting to clean up oil spills at sea, one of the key things they need to know is the amount of oil that's been spilled – among other things, this will determine the amount of dispersant or other agents that are used. In order to make that process easier and more accurate, scientists from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science have developed a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) that does the job by measuring the thickness of oil slicks from below the surface.


EdgeTech Delivers Sonar for MMT Surveyor Interceptor ROV

EdgeTech has delivered a new sonar system for MMT's high-speed Surveyor Interceptor ROV (SROV), the company announced today.

The EdgeTech system is a dual frequency side scan sonar operating at 600/1600 kHz combined with a sub-bottom profiler operating at 1-10 kHz. The side scan sonar includes custom Multi-pulse (MP) and Dynamically Focused (DF) capabilities. To ensure customers can take full advantage of the high-speed capabilities of the MMT Surveyor Interceptor ROV, the sonar needed to be able to produce high quality images while operating at higher speeds than typically seen with work class or inspection class ROVs. 


CodaOctupus Launches V2 of 3D Sonar Visualisation Software for ROVs

The UK-based specialist in the underwater technologies, CodaOctupus, has released version 2 of the Vantage software, a visualization software suite for the Dimension 3D sonar specifically targeted at ROV centric applications.


Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 USBL for Pieter Schelte

 The Swiss-based Allseas Group has selected Sonardyne’s Ranger 2 Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL) acoustic positioning system for the world’s largest pipe lay and platform installation/decommissioning vessel, Pieter Schelte.


Completion of Åsgard Subsea Compressor in 2015

 During 2015 the world’s first subsea compressor will be completed at the Åsgard field off mid-Norway, Statoil announced.


Saab develops ROV capability to help US tackle maritime IEDs

As part of efforts to tackle the threat of waterborne improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and limpet mines, the US government's Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) has awarded Saab Underwater Systems a contract to develop a new type of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) capability for use in the domestic maritime domain.

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