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StarFish Now Interfaces with Chesapeake Technology’s SonarWiz Products

Starfish side scan systems can now be interfaced directly to Chesapeake’s SonarWiz.MAP and SonarWiz 5 software.
Tritech’s high performance shallow water StarFish systems now have the full advantage of real-time and post-processing power, allowing users to produce high-resolution maps and reports in a wide variety of formats.


Ageotec launches brand new mini sound velocity probe and profiler

Ageotec extends its Sound Velocity Probes range with the introduction of IMSV, a brand new advanced system for real time velocity measurement of sound propagation in water.


Tritech launches Horizon multibeam echo sounder

Tritech is pleased to announce the launch of Horizon, an exciting product for multibeam seabed survey. Horizon is a multibeam echo sounder system in a compact and robust single housing. It uses the very latest advances in acoustic time delay beamforming techniques to deliver high quality survey data at an affordable cost.


Cool way to light the deep

The coolest-running deep-rated LED light in the world has been developed by top ROV manufacturer, Saab Seaeye. The super-intensity low power light comes with a unique design of thermal control that avoids failure through overheating. No other LED light has this capability.


Subsea Tech launches new ROV manipulator

After the sonar, the thickness gauge, the sediment/water samplers, the physico-chemical probes and the acoustic positioning system, Subsea Tech just developed a 2 functions manipulator (wrist rotation-gripper open/close) compatible with its range of remotely operated vehicles: Observer, Guardian, Sentinel and Narval.


Oil States MCS Ltd. launches revolutionary remote cutting technology

Oil States Industries announces that its subsidiary, Oil States MCS Ltd., has launched a new External Cutting Manipulator (ECM) toolset for remote-controlled subsea cutting applications in the offshore decommissioning industry. Oil States MCS Ltd. has been a recognized innovator in diverless subsea cutting solutions since the early 1980s.


ROVworld Lda and Cygnus Hatch Sure Ultrasonic Leak Detector

 ROVworld Lda are pleased to announce that they have recently taken into stock a new Demonstration Cygnus Hatch Sure Ultrasonic Leak detection system.  Hatch Sure is a lightweight ultrasonic system for testing the weather/water tightness of cargo hatch covers or doors. The complete system is contained in a rucksack style carry case for convenient transportation. The total system weight is 2.4 Kg (including batteries) making it suitable to be carried as hand luggage on aircraft.

ROVworld will be demonstrating the system to potential clients in Portugal and Gibraltar.   Hatch Sure sales information has already been translated into Portuguese, by ROVworld, and will soon be available for download via their website at



290 Acoustic Modems Delivered Within 30 days

LinkQuest has been busy producing its industry-leading underwater acoustic modems in the summer of 2009 and has set a company record to ship 290 SoundLink acoustic modems within 30 days. LinkQuest has shipped a large number of long-range deepwater acoustic modems for seabed seismic monitoring applications. These modems will be used to interface with seismic sensors to monitor offshore oil and gas field reservoirs in large-scale deployments.


Bowtech continue to lead the market in LED lighting solutions

Bowtech Products have developed their range of AquaVision products further with the release of the LED-3200-AC light. This is the first commercially available 120VAC 50/60Hz light in the AquaVision range. The LED-3200-AC has an auto resetting circuit to prevent accidental overheating of the lamp in air.


Waterloo's 2G Robotics to launch world's first underwater 3D laser scanner

3D scanners have become increasingly common in reverse engineering applications but using these devices to create highly accurate 3D models of underwater structures hasn’t been technologically feasible, at least not from any device commercially available.

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