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New piezoceramic materials improve imaging resolution of ultrasound and sonar tr

Morgan Technical Ceramics has launched a new range of piezoceramic composite materials which dramatically improve the performance of ultrasound and sonar transducers used in medical, biometric, military and industrial applications. As a result of using the transducers, image resolutions are higher and significant advances can be made to 4-D ultrasound.


Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. announces DEFENDER III sonar processing

DEFENDER III is a complete wide band sonar signal processing, detection, tracking and classification, fusion and display unit developed and manufactured by Kongsberg Defence Systems for use with Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. Diver Detection Sonars, DDS 9000/1.


Smart Light Devices launches the world's smallest subsea camera

Smart Light Devices, a subsea laser technology company based in Aberdeen specialized in producing advanced optical sensor technology for subsea inspection applications, recently announced and launched the Miniature Camera (MC1), the smallest subsea camera in the world, for underwater oil and gas inspection applications at the just concluded 2nd Optoelectronic Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry, technical meeting held at the Marcliffe Hotel & Spa, Aberdeen on the 4th of November 2010.


MacArtney launches new, intelligent underwater winch

MacArtney has launched a new, intelligent underwater winch system. Offering flexible oceanographic measuring and monitoring, it is capable of launching and retrieving an extensive range of underwater oceanographic equipment at programmed intervals and defined depths.


Xsens releases wireless 3D motion tracker

Xsens Technologies B.V., the leader in professional 3D tracking systems, today announced the availability of the MTw miniature wireless inertial motion tracker for ambulatory 3D kinematic measurements.


Hadal Technologies releases Dibujo high definition video overlay system

Hadal Technologies continues to add to its line of integrated subsea High Definition products with the introduction of the Dibujo HD Viedo Overlay System.


Bowtech can take the strain

Continued development in the Termination and Moulding Facility at Bowtech Products sees the team produce their first Strain Termination. By listening to the customers needs, Bowtech has engineered a solution to the specific customer requirement. Undertaking the entire project; custom-design, machining, termination and moulding, all in-house.


Bowtech leak detection system

The Bowtech Leak Detection System is a bespoke solution for identifying leaks in pipelines, risers and subsea wellhead equipment. It includes a LED lamp which emits a green light for excitation of fluorescent tracer dye and a high resolution, low light sensitive camera fitted with a filter to enable the detection of the fluorescing dye.


Full camera control and setup in the palm of your hand

Bowtech Products Ltd has extended their range of colour zoom inspection cameras with the launch of the reduced size Surveyor-SD which includes a full functional hand held Remote Control option.


Sonardyne Sentinel upgraded with new diver interception tool and a performance i

Sonardyne International Ltd has added a new diver interception tool to the capabilities of its Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS). The handheld Bearing and Range to Target (BARTT) mobile phone application can be used to provide security boat crews with guidance to the position of an underwater intruder being tracked by the Sentinel system. Information is supplied to the crew via simple, clear graphical and textual displays on a large touch-screen smart phone. The data is provided via a GPRS connection with the Sentinel command workstation and so provides a vital link to ensure that once detected, intruders can be deterred or apprehended.

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