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VisualSoft Product Launch: VisualDVR

VisualDVR is a digital video recorder specifically designed for the offshore survey, inspection and ROV market.

By focusing on the features required for this market, the VisualDVR stands out from other digital video recorders.


BP West Java Go Live With Coabis-VisualWorks Digital Video

BP West Java recently started their 2006 vessel-based inspection campaign, using the Coabis-VisualWorks digital video interface.

This is the first live use of the Coabis-VisualWorks digital video interface and follows successful use of the Coabis-NETmc DVRi interface by Chevron, Talisman Energy UK, Shell Todd Oil Services and Shell Exploration & Production Europe.  For more information on the Coabis digital video interfaces click here.

Source: Coabis


Recent Orders For NETmc Marine

NETmc Marine is pleased to announce two year end orders for their range of digital video recorders. Rovtech Limited have placed an order and taken receipt of their first DVR Inspector for use with their Panthers, Tigers and Lynx ROV fleet. Rovtech are one of the most active ROV companies in the acquisition of digital video and have for some time been promoting digital video as the future for the acquisition of video in the offshore market.


Digital Video Storage

VisualSoft have seen a marked increase in sales of RAID enabled USB and SCSI storage units. VisualSoft stock units with capacities from 1 to 6 TerraBytes. The units use RAID 5 to protect data from hard-disk failure. Any failed disk can be replaced without switching the unit off and requires no downtime.


AC-CESS Grows It´s AC-ROV Operators Network

Never a company to let time of operation get in the way of progressive thinking and meeting industry requirements, AC-CESS Co UK Ltd the company that brought the revolutionary micro inspection ROV the AC-ROV to the marketplace has the great pleasure of unveiling its new inspection service to the UK market.  With the finalisation of full operating and support agreements with two newly formed, but highly experienced underwater inspection companies, AC-CESS has taken a great step in giving companies with a submersed inspection need what they need:

A quick response, experienced, mobile and versatile inspection capability that utilises fully supported cutting edge ROV technology.

What’s required? – a telephone call.

What’s the cost? – a fraction of diver operations, minimal time scale, minimal site disruption.

What’s the benefit? – market leading AC-ROV enables never before close in mobile ‘capture’ of target image – 190mm pipe fly through and AC-ROV complete freedom movement gives unparalleled access to confined environments.


RovTech Mobilise Highland Eagle for 2005

For the 3rd year running Rovtech have selected VisualWorks as their preferred digital video system for their 2005 inspection projects. The system was recently mobilised on the Highland Eagle and included a 4 Terrabyte storage unit. VisualSoft can now offer a range of cost-effective storage solutions up to 6.4TB in a RAID enabled, rack mountable unit.

Source: VisualSoft


A search for flaws deep in the heart of Surry reactor

SURRY — Deep inside the water-filled nuclear reactor, a robotic inspector poked its sensor-tipped arm into a pipe to scan for cracks thinner than a human hair.

Meanwhile, a tiny remote-controlled submarine left its post in the reactor and rose to the surface, its headlights glowing like the eyes of a sea creature. In a trailer about 100 feet outside the reactor building, engineers watched computer screens as they adjusted the robotic arm, moving it by fractions of an inch and crunching the streams of data it collected.


All Weather Video Recorder

ilexcomp writes:  

ILEX COMPUTING LTD. have recently built an All Weather Video Recorder (AWVR). This is a video recording unit sealed to IP65 standard. The recorder is a Hard Disc unit with sizes of 80gB - 300gB providing up to 3 days (72 hours), of high resolution colour recording at 25 frames per second (PAL).


Gasoline pipeline inspection failed to find flaw, avert leak

An inspection completed a month before Kinder Morgan's Tucson-to-Phoenix pipeline burst indicated no structural defects in the line but faulted the company for inadequate corrosion control, operations and maintenance procedures.

The inspection of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners' Arizona gasoline pipelines and storage facilities was conducted from June 16 to 27 by...

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