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VisualSoft announce the release of a suite of new survey processing software

VisualSoft announce the release of a suite of new survey processing software modules which can either be integrated into the VisualWorks Digital Video suite or deployed as stand-alone modules for integration with clients existing survey data processing packages...


Mars rover faces make-or-break weekend

Spirit due to bounce onto Red Planet Saturday night

PASADENA, Calif. - After a journey of seven months and millions of miles, a six-wheeled NASA rover will speed like a bullet Saturday night toward the surface of Mars and, if all goes as planned, stop with a bounce.


Dozens of North Sea Oil Workers Sacked

Dozens of North Sea oil and gas workers are facing a bleak New Year after bosses announced redundancies with immediate effect.


Earth changes its spin, baffles scientists

BOULDER, Colorado (AP) ## In a phenomenon that has scientists puzzled, the Earth is right on schedule for a fifth straight year.


Earth loses its magnetism

Scientists have known for some time that the Earth's magnetic field is fading.

Like a Kryptonite-challenged Superman, its strength has steadily and mysteriously waned, leaving parts of the planet vulnerable to increased radiation from space.

Some satellites already feel the effects.

The field is mainly dipolar,
but there are anomalies


Tiny Norway outpost handles many of world's rescue efforts

SOLA, Norway ## The cruise ship Achille Lauro catches fire off Africa. In the Arctic, a Russian airliner slams into a mountain. Off Brazil, an oil tanker rescues the crew of a sinking sailboat. Searchers find a child missing in a remote area of Norway's mountains.


Exhibitions - New listings or imminent events (2004-2005)

March 16-19, 2004, Oceanology International 2004, Exhibition Centre London (ExCeL), London. Information and registration at

September 23-24, 2004, UUVS 2004: Sixth Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Showcase, Southampton Oceanography Centre, Southampton, U.K. Information at


Web's inventor gets a knighthood

The inventor of the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee, has been awarded a knighthood for his pioneering work.

Dubbed the "Father of the Web", he came up with a system over 10 years ago to organise, link and browse net pages. The famously modest man said he was "quite an ordinary person", and although it felt strange, he was "honoured".

Sir Tim was recently reunited with the machine he used to invent the web when he e-mailed 80 schools from the UN's summit on the information society.


Buccaneer celebrates first anniversary with new agency

Aberdeen based Buccaneer Ltd is proud to announce signing their first dealer agency agreement with VideoRay LLC for the supply of their products to Northern UK and the Oil and Gas Industry.


Beagle mothership in orbit shift

Mars Express will be in position to "speak" to Beagle
Europe's Mars Express orbiter, the
"mothership" to Beagle 2, has carried out a major engine burn to sweep it into a polar orbit of the Red Planet.

The spacecraft has been heading away from Mars, preparing for the manoeuvre - a crucial first step to bring it into a lower orbit around Mars.

The orbit change will put Mars Express in prime position to talk to Beagle 2.

European space agency controllers changed the orbit by firing the engine for four minutes at 0800 GMT.

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