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WEBSITE NOTICE - The show will go on!

The admin team at ROVworld are pleased to announce that, having concluded negotiations with some like minded ROV enthusiasts, will continue to provide a sevice to the global ROV community at large into 2014 and beyond! 


ROVworld - One month notice of site lockdown

ROVworld - One month notice of site lockdown

After 13 years of operating it has become clear to us that we are no longer connected with the ROV industry as we once were.  Becoming somewhat disconnected from ROV operations, and the ROV industry in general, means we have developed other priorities in work and play.  Our onshore business interests are starting to take up more of our time. It is for those reasons we are giving a months notice to advise that: 
WEF 31st December 2013 - ROVworld website:
  • Will no longer be updated for Industry news.  
  • The forum will be locked.  
  • New members will not be accepted.
  • Banner ads will be allowed to run to natural expiry.  Most are reaching that point anyway.
What will happens to all the information posted and the and URL's?
All the accumulated information will be kept live indefinitely (urls will remain registered to us) as a source of reference for those that might find it useful.  
We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this site over the years and it’s had its interesting moments thats for sure :)  It kind of blew up into something we didn’t expect back in 2000 when we made a couple of static pages live with some Industry information on them!  In 2003 we switched to a Content Managements System (CMS)
Some stats: Over the last 10 years
Since Sat 13th Dec 2003 we have received
  • 58,406,765  (Yep! 58 Million!) page views
  • We’ve also had 8,339 members sign up during the same period.
  • News articles posted: 6,513
  • Number of news item reads: 5,026,248 (Yep! more than 5 million)
  • Average reads per article: 772 
    More news stats at:
All the best
ROVworld Web Team


The New and Improved

  As VideoRay technology continues to advance, we recognize the need for a web presence that represents our commitment to offering the best experience for all our users. With that in mind, we've completely overhauled our website to better accommodate your browsing needs.


WHOI unveils website on its role in Gulf oil spill research

One year after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform in the northern Gulf of Mexico, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is unveiling a new multimedia website, Science in a Time of Crisis. The site features scientists and engineers who continued the WHOI legacy of oil spill research by providing an objective insight into the immediate and potential impacts of the historic event, which took 11 lives and released millions of gallons of oil and gas into the Gulf over three months.


Japan Incident Map

Japan Incident MapOn March 11, 2011, at 05:46:23 UTC, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit off the Oshika Peninsula of Japan. This is the largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history and one of the largest in the world since records began. The earthquake has triggered tsunamis, which have hit coastal areas of Japan.


Oceanscan launches new and improved website

Oceanscan is delighted to announce the launch of our their website which provides more detailed information about our range of products and services. Some of the sections are still in active development but they are working hard to have these sections completed as soon as possible.


Photo Gallery

In the next 48hrs we will be burning the midnight oil upgrading our Photo Gallery which lost some of it´s functionality during the last server migration.

Please bear with us if you seem to get some weird results in Gallery or if other areas of the site seem affected in some way.

Hopefully the end result will be a fully functional Photo Gallery with more features than before.

Best regards

James & Gina
Admin -


MTS Remotely Operated Vehicle Committee

The website of the MTS Remotely Operated Vehicle Committee has been renewed.

Check it out.



Possible disruption of service for

With effect from Friday 02 July 2004 (for around a 48 hrs period) will be shifting to a faster server with more space. There may well be a disruption of service during that period.

Whilst we are shifting servers site content will not be updated but should be back on track Monday 5th July.

We would like to apologise if this causes you any inconvenience.


Update: 05:30hrs Sunday 04 July 2004.
After a long night the site is now operational at it's new home. 
Most of the data seems to be intact.which is a releif considering there are over 75,000 queries in the database.

There are a couple of monir glitches that we know about.

If you spot anything please use the feedback form and let us know

Best regards

ROVworld crew.

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