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The Underwater Centre gets a new ROV
Date: Friday, June 23, 2006 @ 01:15:56 EDT

The Underwater Centre gets a new ROVThe Underwater Centre in Fort William on the west coast of Scotland recently took delivery of a new Seaeye Falcon Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). The £60,000 ROV is used to train ROV pilots on The Underwater Centre's extensive dive site and is a key tool in preparing students for industry in realistic sea conditions.

The Falcon is used by the offshore oil and gas sector, subsea civil engineers, scientists, environmental groups and surveyors as well as by several overseas navies for search, security, diver support and salvage planning operations. Over 80 systems are currently operating in 33 countries.

ROV student Archibald Gertze and The Underwater CentreWith a high resolution colour camera on a 180° tilt platform, portable surface control system with video overlay, a low drag umbilical and integral system diagnostics and distributed intelligence, the Falcon is state of the art engineering. Students get the maximum benefit from hours of flying experience in open seawater with a cutting edge ROV that is so widely used worldwide.

Paul Bury, senior ROV instructor says 'We have been extremely busy training students for the ROV industry, and those students have a superb record of getting a job on leaving us. I've found the industry very willing to take on new recruits, and we are frequently approached by recruitment agencies and large and small ROV companies looking for ROV pilot / technicians.'

At The Underwater Centre courses follow IMCA standards and the 7 week course equips students for work in the subsea industry. The Underwater Centre offers an ROV electronics course teaching the skills needed to repair and maintain ROVs, and our ROV pilot training gives students many hours live flying experience, where they interact with saturation, bell, scuba and surface supply divers.

Steve Ham, The Underwater Centre's Sales & Marketing Manager, said 'With the price of oil continuing at a high level, the upturn in oil exploration that we're seeing is dramatic. This in turn has led to a big increase in demand for ROV pilots, and we're delighted to have the facilities to be able to train them so well. Our new Seaeye Falcon ROV will allow us to offer students even more hands-on flying time, preparing them even more effectively for industry'.

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June 5, 2006


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