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BP details $5 Bn North Sea major project spend
Date: Monday, February 13, 2006 @ 06:53:27 EST

BPDetails and timing on four major North Sea projects have been unveiled by BP which will involve substantial investment until 2010.

A five-year US $5 Bn North Sea spending plan shows the UK-based oil major planning four major projects in the North Sea: Clair phase two and Harding Area Gas in the UK sector, and Skarv and Valhall Redevelopment in the Norwegian sector. can reveal that plans for the Skarv development will be finalised early 2007 with the ending of project definition studies. Skarv will then move into an execution phase early 2007.

skarv.jpgProcurement and planning activity for Skarv is due to get underway mid 2006, lasting until mid-2008, overlapping with a building and onshore commissioning phase due to commence late 2007. This will extend throughout 2008 to about the third quarter of 2009, according to a “Hi-Level Integrated Timeline” outlined by Terry Hughes, director of major projects for BP North Sea Strategic Performance Unit.

Integration and commissioning work for Skarv will commence towards the end of 2009 and continue through to 2010 with first production from the field due towards the end of that year.

In the new five-year strategy presentation, BP indicates definition studies for the Valhall field redevelopment will complete this year, and then the project will move into an execution phase, spanning until the third quarter of 2009, when first production from new facilities is due.

Valhall procurement and planning is due to get underway this year, lasting until the early part of 2008, while building and onshore commissioning will complete by the end of 2008, and then integration and commissioning will be carried out throughout 2009.

Phase two development of the UK Atlantic Margin Clair field will be a clone of the phase 1 platform, with concept selection to be finalised this year followed by definition studies early 2007, succeeded by project execution through until first oil in the first part of 2010. Procurement and planning for Clair II gets underway early 2007, through until mid 2009, while building and onshore commissioning starts at the end of 2007 until late 2009. Integration and commissioning offshore is due from late 2009 through to the third quarter 2010.

Development of UK North Sea Harding area gas involves definition studies completing early 2007, and project execution through until first production late 2009. Procurement and planning for Harding gas commences this year until the end of 2008; building and onshore commissioning lasts from mid-2007 to early 2008, and integration and commissioning is due to extend through 2008.

February 13, 2006


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