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VisualSoft announce the release of a suite of new survey processing software
Date: Saturday, January 03, 2004 @ 02:50:08 EST

VisualSoft announce the release of a suite of new survey processing software modules which can either be integrated into the VisualWorks Digital Video suite or deployed as stand-alone modules for integration with clients existing survey data processing packages...


The latest addition to the VisualSoft family of data processing tools - VisualProfile adds real-time data processing and archiving of survey data. Now you can interface directly to multiple external survey sensors and even auto process and view your cross-profiler data on-the-fly: no more logging of profiler data which is out of specification.

The off-line data processing features of VisualProfile enable true auto-processing of your cross-profile and survey track data using rigorous algorithm which reliably reject noise and smooth the data saving literally hours of costly manual editing. The process is fully auditable and avoids the traditional manual 'moving' of data points at the whim of the processor. Now all you need to do is run the process, review the QC record to evaluate the results and your data is ready for final reporting - fast, realisable and offers significant operational cost savings by reducing manual processing.


VisualEvent is a highly efficient Pipeline Video Eventing suite designed for fast coding and classification of all survey features. The system has been optimised to allow rapid data entry in both online and off-line modes. The module can be used either as an integral function within the VisualWorks digital video system or as a stand-alone Eventing suite which can be integrated with a survey clients existing data processing suite.

Maximum efficiency has been achieved by intelligent data entry forms and by automating many of the functions such as span length, height etc. In addition extensive data QC features have been implemented to ensure data integrity and to streamline the reporting process.

Source: VisualSoft

VisualSoft Limited, established in 1992, develop and supply digital video inspection, survey data processing and visualisation software for the worldwide offshore oil & gas industry.

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