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Sub-Atlantic sells into US Gulf
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2006 @ 01:11:28 EST

Schilling Sub Atlantic

Submersible Systems, Inc. (SSI) is recognised as a leading operator of electric ROV’s in and around the US Gulf coast.

Founded in 1990, SSI has gained an excellent reputation for ROV operations, always keen to seek out equipment that offers increased reliability and performance with a need to standardise.  SSI’s requirement for the highest quality in Subsea equipment has resulted in Sub-Atlantic, Ltd. being chosen as the primary supplier of all new SSI ROV’s.

Prior to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, SSI had already found their workload necessitated the acquisition of an additional electric ROV that would offer the higher level of performance demanded in the strong currents around the Gulf coast.  Sub-Atlantic’s Mohican Inspection ROV was specifically designed to meet the high current requirements found in the Southern North Sea.  On hearing about the success of the Mohican, SSI had no hesitation in placing an order with Sub-Atlantic for a Mohican to undertake their 2006 operations.

As you would expect from SSI, the Mohican will be equipped with equipment with the highest quality equipment possible.  The obstacle avoidance sonar will be a Kongsberg MS1000, offering an amazingly high level of detail from a mechanically scanning sonar.  Forward looking cameras will be the Colour Kongsberg OE1367 and Near SIT Monochrome OE15-101. SSI’s vast experience within the Platform Inspection market has identified the need to watch your back and hence no expense has been spared by fitting a rear facing Kongsberg OE14-123 pan, tilt and zoom camera.  A high resolution Altimeter will also be installed.

SSI’s experience in the area of Platform Inspection and Pipeline Surveys has also identified the need for a basic manipulator.  Although small, Mohican has a substantial payload capability and will be fitted with a hydraulic 5-function manipulator, far more than is required but offering SSI greater capability than is typically available on similar sized ROV’s.

Mohican utilises some of the latest technology available from Sub-Atlantic including the high voltage/frequency power transmission system as well as a dynamically vectored thruster system.  The high voltage/frequency power transmission system allows the Mohican to be run over a long tether without the need for a Tether Management System (TMS).  SSI has extensive experience working with live boat systems and has ordered the 2000m depth rated Mohican with a 2000m Tether.

With the increased workload following the recent Hurricanes, SSI has now also placed an order for the Mohican’s big brother, the Comanche ROV.  The Comanche ROV is the largest ROV offered by Sub-Atlantic and will be equipped with an even higher level of equipment including dual Orion 4R and 7P Manipulators from Schilling Robotics, Inc.

Comanche has been designed as a Small Work Class ROV and with a 150kg payload capability will be able to undertake a greater degree of Subsea intervention operations.

An additional permanently installed 15kw hydraulic power pack will allow use of all currently available subsea tooling.

Scott McLay, Sales Manager of Sub-Atlantic commented “We have been working closely with Wolfgang at Submersible Systems for some time now to identify the most suitable ROV for the operations SSI undertake.  The decision to standardise on Sub-Atlantic products by a leading electric ROV operator in Gulf has reaffirmed Sub-Atlantic is the leading provider of electric ROV’s.  We look forward to expanding our presence in the US with full technical support from our Alliance office in Houston”.

For further information please either contact Sub-Atlantic Sales Manager Scott McLay on +44 (0)1224 798660 or visit the Schilling Sub-Atlantic Alliance.

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