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Rovtech Add 2 New ROV's to their Existing Fleet
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2006 @ 01:07:49 EST

Rovtech LtdRovtech Limited have placed orders with Seaeye Marine for 2 new ROVs, a 1500m Lynx eyeball (no 18) for delivery in late February 2006 and a 1000m Panther mini WROV (no 19) for delivery at the end of April 2006.

Rovtech's new Lynx (top) and Panther Plus (below).

This brings Rovtech Seaeye Marine built fleet to 18 vehicles comprising 7 Panthers, 7 Tigers, 2 Lynx and 2 600DT's - all but the 600DT's being TMS launched. The total Rovtech fleet of ROVs now comprises 33 vehicles. Lynx 18 will be installed on the CSO Wellservicer on its return from Libya under Rovtech's long term callout contract with Technip. Panther 19 is also allocated to a contract which has yet to be finalised.

Source: Rovtech Ltd

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