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VideoRay Pro III XE GTO
Date: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 @ 12:49:34 EST

VideoRayThe VideoRay PRO III XE GTOis the latest model of our VideoRay Pro line, our most popular model for commercial or demanding applications. It includes the submersible, integrated control box, 76 m (250 ft) of tether on Tether Deployment System reel, manual, two watertight, rolling Pelican cases, and tool kit. The Pro III XE GTO is depth rated to 152 m (500 ft).

VideoRay Pro IIIStandard features that go beyond those offered on the Scout and Explorer include high thrust GTO props, on-screen data display, black and white, ultra low light rear facing camera with LED light array, audio annotation system, and an integrated control box. The integrated control box is equipped with a large 15 inch picture-in-picture display that will display both video and a computer screen simultaneously in either PAL or NTSC. It also includes a new sunshade and tilt adjustment arm for ergonomic use in bright sunlight. The Pro III XE GTO is also PC computer control enabled, allowing operators to control the Pro III XE using included wired or wireless game controllers with a user-supplied laptop computer. The Pro III XE can even be controlled by software applications or remotely via a network.

The Pro III XE GTO can easily accommodate recording devices, modular instrumentation and tools such as: scanning imaging sonar for low visibility environments; manipulator for object retrieval or intervention; positioning system for exhaustive area searches; water quality sensor, metal thickness gauge, and more. Pro III XE GTO units can accommodate additional neutrally buoyant, negatively buoyant, or positively buoyant tether extensions to reach up to 305 m (1,000 ft) in overall distance but limited to 152 m (500 ft) in water depth. Included is an inverter for operation using a 12 volt power source such as a car battery.

Standard features of VideoRay Pro III XE GTO

• Depth Rated to 152 m (500 ft)
• Tether Deployment System with 76 m (250 ft) of neutrally buoyant tether
• Front mounted 570 line high resolution, 0.3 lux color camera with wide angle lens
• Front camera features tilt (175 degrees field of view) and a wide focus range, both controllable from the surface
• Rear mounted 430 line 0.1 lux camera (B&W)
• Integrated 15" color video display monitor (supports 1024X768 resolution)
• User option to superimpose date, time, depth, and heading information on video display
• Digital video recording and stills capture device included (requires PC)
• Composite video output works with wide variety of video display and recording devices
• Integrated Control Box has room for a variety of optional user-supplied recording devices, such as camcorders
• Video display sun shade for working in bright light
• Video display tilt adjustment for optimal viewing angle
• Audio annotation microphone for simultaneous recording of audio with video
• Two forward looking 20 watt high efficiency halogen lights, controllable from the surface
• Rear looking Light Emitting Diode (LED) array, controllable from the surface
• Depth gauge, heading, and cumulative hour meter, reading on LCD display on control box
• Joystick controls horizontal movement plus user selectable choice of depth, camera tilt, focus, lights, or optional manipulator allowing one hand control
• Depth rate of increase/decrease controllable from surface
• Depth holding function using Auto Depth included
• PC Pilot computer control option is enabled
• Wireless game pad style controller included (requires PC)
• Joystick style controller included (requires PC)
• Serial to USB adapter included for notebook computers without serial ports
• Four port USB hub
• Accessory connector allows simple connection of various instruments and measurement sensors
• Greater Thrust Option (GTO)
• Operates from a variety of power sources 100-240 Volts 50-60 Hz AC or 12 Volts DC
• 12 Volt DC 800 Watt inverter included
• Power consumption less than 500 Watts
• Maximum voltage in tether is 48VDC
• Entire system fits in two included Pelican cases, easily transported by one person and checked as airline baggage
• Total System Weight less than 45 kg (100 lbs)
• Owners Manual, Spare Parts, and Basic Tool Kit included
• One year VideoRay Advantage! program membership included

Price $27,490.
NTSC, US Deliveries Only - contact VideoRay or your local dealer for pricing outside the US, for other video standards, and for CE marked versions.

January 2, 2005


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