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Submersible Systems Inc selects Sub-Atlantic Ltd ROVs
Date: Monday, November 21, 2005 @ 07:26:24 EST

Submersible Systems Inc (SSI), a leading operator of electric ROVs in and around the US Gulf coast, has selected Sub-Atlantic Ltd as its primary supplier of new ROVs.
Prior to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, SSI had already found that its workload necessitated the acquisition of an additional electric ROV, and has selected Sub-Atlantic’s Mohican Inspection ROV to undertake operations in 2006.

The Mohican will be equipped with an obstacle avoidance sonar, and forward looking cameras. A high resolution Altimeter will also be installed.

SSI’s experience in platform inspection and pipeline surveys also identified the need for a basic manipulator. Although small, Mohican has a substantial payload capability and will be fitted with a hydraulic five-function manipulator, offering SSI greater capability than is typically available on similar sized ROVs.

A high voltage/frequency power transmission system will allow the Mohican to be run over a long tether without the need for a Tether Management System (TMS).

With the increased workload following the recent Hurricanes, SSI has also placed an order for the Mohican’s big brother, the Comanche ROV.

The Comanche ROV is the largest ROV offered by Sub-Atlantic and will be equipped with dual Orion 4R and 7P Manipulators from Schilling Robotics.

November 21, 2005

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