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El Faro May Have Suffered a Boiler Explosion
Date: Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 07:46:35 EST

On Friday, the Marine Board of Investigation hearings into the loss of the El Faro continued with testimony from a deck officer who served on the ill-fated vessel. 

Former El Faro third mate Alejandro Berrios took the stand to testify about the ship's operating practices and safety culture. Board member Keith Fawcett asked him about a series of logbook entries that showed Barrios had been working long hours while serving on the El Faro, and Barrios said that he had not been aware of federal rest requirements at that time. However, he said that the El Faro's captain, Michael Davidson, would offer to stand watches if any of the mates were feeling fatigued – even if they were meeting their required hours of rest.

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