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TenneT Seeks Contractor for DolWin3 Underwater Ordnance Removal
Date: Friday, November 28, 2014 @ 06:15:00 EST

TenneT Offshore GmbHTenneT Offshore GmbH has invited tenders for the underwater ordnance removal on the planned DolWin3 offshore submarine cable connection of approximately 42 km. 

Underwater Ordnance Removal The starting point will be KP 43 north of the island of Borkum, Germany. The route is within the German EEZ and the final destination is the planned substation DolWin Gamma at approx. KP83.

The entire scope of the clearance works encompasses geophysical survey, UXO identification, removal (if deemed possible) and detonation (if required).
Geophysical survey will be conducted to identify potential UXO objects within the prescribed surveyed corridor.
Contractor will host a ‘route’ working group meeting to conduct re-routing as far as possible to avoid potential UXO objects within certain constraints in order to issue a final route position list, a final potential UXO object list and a route clearance certificate.
The Contractor will also be required to issue a final target clearance certificate(s) for all objects inspected and removed.
It will provide assistance with securing final approvals from the authorities for the subsequent cable installation works.
The project is expected to start on March 30, 2015, with the planned completion in December 2015.
The deadline for the submission of tenders is December 14, 2014.

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