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ROV and Diver Operated Underwater Switch
Date: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 @ 07:10:00 EST

OceanTools With numerous UK and overseas sales already secured, the new OceanTools C-Switch is off to a very successful start.


The extremely rugged and reliable C-Switch is a multipurpose quarter turn subsea switch for electrical and ‘master switch’ applications. Designed for ROV or diver operation, the chemically inert and corrosion free C-Switch is engineered for harsh environments and is suitable for long-term deployment. When used as a ‘Master On/Off’ switch the unit may extend the operating life of e.g. a battery pack by isolating it. C- Switch has positive détentes in both ‘Off and On’ positions ensuring shock and vibration do not interfere with its required position or operation. 

 Easily mounted and available with options to 7000m the unit is engineered to ISO-13628 requirements and switches up to 4Amps at 24VDC and 4Amps at 120VAC via non-contact switching. C-Switch includes Normally Open & Normally Closed contacts as standard.



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