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Divebot, the world's first HD ROV under $1300
Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 @ 03:12:37 EST

 f5 Robotics has launched it's Divebot projectf5 Robotics has launched it's Divebot project to get the community involved in it's development. With  depth ranging to over 500 feet and a pricetag under $1300, it's sure to be a hit.

 With the F5 Robotics affordable XStream Brushless Thrusters ( ) selling out since their release, the DiveBot is sure to be a hit. There have been fishing cameras around for a long time but the DiveBot takes things to a new level. 

With full 3 channel control and an HD 720p camera even pro videographers will love the DiveBot. It arrives ready to use and can be powered from your boats 12V battery for continuous use. Its easy to use handheld controller is IP67 waterproof and includes an integrated 7" daylight viewable LCD screen, Dual joysticks and composite video out.
 It's in the preproduction stages but you can still preorder your Divebot now to be sure you get one of the first.
 F5 robotics is getting the community involved in it's development and making sure it's exactly what everyone wants. 
To be a part of it's develpment and support the project visit:
There will be three versions available to suit everyone's needs:
-DIY Development Platform, aimed at the homemade ROV market and people wanting just the ROV chassis and thrusters to built their own version. It's projected price is $600-$700
-Standard Version, is fully wired with camera and 50' tether with controls and video out to use your own screen. Price is projected to be around $1200.
-Deluxe Version, is same the standard but includes a 150ft tether, daylight viewable 7" LCD and a Waterproof pelican case to carry everything.
All the versions are available with tether upgrades up to 500 feet and aux lighting.
More details will be available soon on their project launch page -

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