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Ever Expanding AC-CESS – 3 More Distributors Sign For the AC-ROV
Date: Friday, August 19, 2005 @ 04:33:39 EDT

AC-CESS AC-ROVThe ever increasing demand for the AC-CESS AC-ROV mini inspection ROV has led to the signing of 3 more distributors across the globe.  The signing of agreements with companies based in Australia, India and France represents global coverage in under a year for the next generation inspection tool.

A) ROV Downunder - Australia -

Formed by Mr Bill Bulloch this year, Bill recently emigrated...

... from Scotland to Australia.  An electronic engineer by trade, Bill was looking to expand on his 15 years of ROV experience in the North Sea and other world ROV locations and was immediately impressed by the design and performance level of the AC-ROV.  Having worked with Triton, Super Scorpio, Trojan, U.F.O., Scarab, Slingsby and multiple other work class ROV system’s in various environments, applications and global locations, Bill is a real expert in such matters – hence his desire to take on the AC-ROV.  Stating the benefits of vectored thrusters as opposed to dedicated thrusters (as employed by micro ROV systems) as one of the many reasons for his enthusiasm Bill recons that the size, mobility and transportability of the AC-ROV will push the boundaries of micro ROV operations far beyond that of current applications.

From the outset, AC-CESS were (more than) impressed by Bills technical expertise, operational understanding and global network. 
B) ITER – France

Founded in 2004 by Mr David Maillotte, Iter has two main business focuses; commercial support to the French Navy and petroleum industry and support of the aeronautics and I.T. industries.

Highly experienced with marine equipment and diving operations David graduated from the French Naval Academy in 1992, from where he went onto specialise in mine warfare, diving and EOD.

1992: Graduated from French Naval Academy
1994: Specialized in Mine warfare, diving and EOD
1998: Party chief in the seismic petrol industry
2001: Intl sales manager in the defence industry
2004: Shareholding and creation of ITER

With an extensive naval and diving network at his disposal, David predicts a strong demand for the AC-ROV: “the way the AC-ROV moves in the water it is amazing – the level of mobility 4 horizontal thrusters gives you is unequalled”.  With 4 years as a mine warfare specialist, David appreciates the need for true mobility in hazardous environments: “the fact the AC-ROV moves with the same level of power and speed laterally sideways and in reverse as it does forwards is inspection heaven, with the responsiveness of the rotate and tilt functions it gives the operator the best inspection capability of any micro ROV I have seen.

David and the AC-ROV will be present at the up coming Paris Nautical Show in December.

Salon Nautique Paris 02/12/05 – 12/12/05 -


C) Henna Marine – India

Founded in 1996 and ISO 9001:2000 rated, engineering contractors Henna Marine provide their customers with high level service in the areas of engineering procurement  and construction services for offshore inspection, maintenance and repair, vessel operation and management and marine consultancy.  A member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors, Henna run a dedicated dive team and a fleet of ROV’s from there two main operating locations of Mumbai – India and Dubai – U.A.E.  With extensive experience of oilfield and diving operations in these regions, Henna is a supplier of various offshore, safety and diving equipment. 

Recognising the potential of the AC-ROV system for diver and inspection operations, a trip to the AC-CESS site in Aberdeen was a must for Director of operations Mr NPP Kumar.  As with so many, Mr Kumar was immediately impressed with the level of design and performance displayed by the AC-ROV, relating them to current diver operations being carried out by Henna: “The dam inspection and maintenance work we do would benefit so much from this unit.  Safety and efficiency would be increased, as would the level of inspection – this ROV will get a camera on things that are out of limits to other ROV’s and technologies.



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