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OSIL offers upgrade to MiniBAT towbody system
Date: Thursday, December 29, 2011 @ 12:00:00 EST

OSIL offers upgrade to MiniBAT towbody systemOSIL are delighted to offer a new upgrade to their MiniBAT underwater towbody system.

OSIL have fitted a custom-built splashproof housing for the electronic controls. This will now provide a fully wet-mateable system, with all controls in a single, rugged, corrosion proof suitcase. OSIL are also able to provide the same housing for any ancillary systems the MiniBAT have, such as underwater video, or water quality sensors.

The OSIL MiniBAT is an extremely lightweight, remotely controlled towed instrumentation platform designed for use with a wide variety of data collection instruments. It provides an extremely flexible profiling system for use in estuaries, lakes, rivers, and coastal areas, and is easily deployed by 1 person from virtually any size of vessel.

osil_minibat_control_boxThe MiniBAT is software controlled and can be set to undulate over a desired depth range, maintain a constant depth, and can even be programmed to follow the seabed with the MiniBAT automatically altering its depth. With an operational depth of 60 m and profiling speed of up to 10 knots, the MiniBAT enables users to collect large spatial datasets quickly and efficiently saving both time and money. The software allows continuous measurement and real time display of the data, transmitted with water quality data from other sensors.

The MiniBAT offers the ultimate in rapid inshore data collection bodies.

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