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Nortek launches SeaReport: New reporting and post processing software
Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 @ 13:00:00 EST

Nortek launches SeaReport: New reporting and post processing softwareNortek is pleased to announce the release of a new easy to use post processing and reporting software suitable for engineers and data analyzers. With its slick user interface SeaReport makes generating useful reports based on current data a simple task.

An often challenging task when generating quality reports is to ensure data quality. SeaReport offers integrated quality control of sensor and profiler data. This ensures that statistical results are not biased by artifacts in your data.

The data products created by SeaReport includes simple time series, maps with rose plot overlays and data tables with statistical key data. Maps with data overlay gives and intuitive way of understanding the physical phenomena and how currents behave and change over time.

In addition to data reports in both Word and Excel format, the underlying processed data is also easily accessible in Matlab through NetCDF data format.

The software works with all current profilers by Nortek including current data from AWACs.


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