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OSIL design ROV triggered water sampling system
Date: Thursday, November 24, 2011 @ 08:00:00 EST

OSIL design ROV triggered water sampling systemOSIL have supplied a unique water sampling system of innovative design for use in the offshore oil industry.

OSIL were approached by a well known oil major to assist with a unique water sampling requirement off the West African coast. The system was required to retrieve multiple samples, with space for a CTD probe (or similar instrument to collect background data), and had to be fitted to and operated by ROV under difficult conditions. The samples were to be collected at fixed depth, and had to be collected in conjunction with other ROV samples.

osil_basetekniskinsamplersThis prevented the use of traditional wire water sample collection methods, due to the risk of entanglements.

OSIL used the industry standard Niskin bottle due to its robustness, and designed a sampling system to secure 6 primed 5L Niskin bottles, with space for an AML Oceanographic CTD Plus V2 in the centre of a stainless steel frame, which could then be mounted to the ROV.

OSIL specialise in providing cutting edge solutions for marine and environmental problems, and the ROV sampling system is a further example of how they cater to their customers needs and ensure that they provide each application with the most appropriate instrumentation at the highest standard possible.

The system is being used off the coast of Nigeria in the exploration for offshore oil.

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