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Seaeye Wins Major Order From China
Date: Friday, July 15, 2005 @ 08:20:42 EDT

China has placed their first order with Seaeye Marine for a Panther Plus ROV. The system will be supplied to a subsidiary of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, CNOOC, configured for free swimming operations with interfaces preinstalled to accept an upgrade for future TMS operations.

Seaeye Panther Plus

It will initially be used for drill support, inspection and pipeline survey.

This order is for the fifteenth Panther to be built by Seaeye for the oil and gas industry representing the largest number of electric work class ROVs sold by any company to this industry. Seaeye is already the world's leading supplier of electric ROVs for oil and gas applications with over 250 systems operating world wide with a full range of systems available to support all operations from observation and inspection through survey to work class.

China chose the Panther Plus for its higher power to weight ratio, manoeuvrability, compact size and ready deployment, say the company.

The high manoeuvrability is achieved with a combination thrust of 220 kg forward and 170 kg lateral through eight vectored brushless DC brushless thrusters operating in pairs. Providing vectored thrusters in pairs, wired in separate isolated circuits, offers the customer a level of redundancy not available in any other electric work ROV. Integrated drive electronics with velocity feedback and a rate gyro give precise and rapid control of the vehicle.

The ROV will be fitted with a 5 function and a 6 function manipulator, video and survey suite with the surface equipment provided ready to install into a locally manufactured control cabin. The manufacture of the launch and recovery equipment will be split between China and UK.

The system will be used for drill support, pipeline survey, inspection repair and maintenance. It will be delivered in September this year.

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