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Ocean Observatories Initiative debuts Instrument Portal
Date: Monday, November 14, 2011 @ 09:00:00 EST

Ocean Observatories Initiative debuts Instrument PortalThe Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) program has created a special Instrument Table Portal for its website with the goal of providing the scientific community with up-to-date, detailed descriptions of the instrumentation found throughout the numerous components and locations of the OOI.

The OOI will consist of six arrays with 56 total moorings and 763 instruments. The program will continue to upgrade and maintain this portal so that it can be used by members of the scientific community as well as others as a critical resource to explore the OOI program and all that it will offer for ocean observation study and research.

With this tool, scientists, educators and the public will be able to identify detailed instrument descriptions and see the connection each instrument has to the data products it will provide. In addition, instrument locations and depths are depicted here.

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The first component of the OOI featured in this new tool is the Pioneer Array. In the weeks to come more information will be added to the website for all of these components listed.

  • Pioneer Array
  • Endurance Array
  • Regional Scale Nodes
  • Irminger Sea
  • Station Papa
  • Argentine Basin
  • Southern Ocean

The OOI Program will update these tables as new information becomes available.

To go directly to the Instrument Table Portal click here.

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