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Chesapeake Technology enhances SonarWiz 5 sonar mapping software
Date: Friday, September 23, 2011 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Chesapeake Technology enhances SonarWiz 5 sonar mapping softwareChesapeake Technology Inc. (CTI), a world leader in real-time sonar data acquisition and advanced sonar processing has released an updated version of its flagship product, SonarWiz 5. New features were designed in response to customer feedback to speed up mission planning, target prosecution and change detection.

A new survey line pattern option that's used when filling closed polygons simplifies the setup of survey lines in complex geographic areas. This feature was also added to the office-based product so that more users can get involved in the survey planning process.

This sample SonarWiz 5 image shows the new individual line swipe tool in action. It enables surveyors to conduct real-time on-line comparisons of seafloor features with adjacent survey lines or baseline data sets.
The new target location function survey line feature generates a four line search set at a user specified range and length centered on a target location. The four lines are automatically grouped and can immediately be rotated into a more favorable survey orientation if needed. This tool was requested by several customers that need to quickly assess and prosecute sonar contacts.

Enhanced change detection tools enable swiping of individual survey lines. This new feature gives port security specialists the ability to compare real-time the most current survey line with a previous adjacent survey line.

These are just a few of the many improvements made to the latest release of SonarWiz 5 that speed up the entire survey from planning, to acquisition and final data processing. "One of the most satisfying parts of my job is implementing the great ideas our customers come up with," said John Gann, VP of Software Development at CTI.

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