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Deepwater SunStation system proves successful in 1300m depth
Date: Friday, September 16, 2011 @ 09:00:00 EDT

Deepwater SunStation system proves successful in 1300m depthThe first ever deployment of a SunStation CP critical monitoring system pre-installed onto a subsea tree was successfully interrogated last month by an Oceaneering Millennium ROV. The unit displays the cathodic protection potentials from permanent reference electrodes installed at two critical locations on a wet tree deployed to 1300m in the Gulf of Mexico.

The SunStation performed well in its first real test on a new deep water structure. The patented technology uses integrated solar panels to power the system from the lights on the ROV. This allows a direct readout of the cathodic protection levels on critical components in the tree without having to have an ROV interfaced probe.

deepwater_polatrak_sunstationThe SunStation system has been used on several other projects but this is the deepest deployment.

CEO Jim Britton: "This is a critical milestone in the development of this technology which will eventually allow AUV surveillance of subsea CP systems. We have valuable field lessons learned to move this project forward another step. Watch this space."

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