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Knudsen Engineering & Chesapeake Technologies demonstrate ''Pinger'' sub-bottom
Date: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 @ 11:00:00 EDT

Knudsen Engineering & Chesapeake Technologies demonstrate "Pinger" sub-bottom profiling systemKnudsen Engineering put their new 15 kHz "Pinger" sub-bottom profiling system through its paces on Lake Champlain Vermont with the support of Middlebury College on their research vessel R/V Baldwin. Data processing was performed with Chesapeake Technologies SonarWiz 5 software.

The Pinger features chirp transmission and a large aperture receiver using the latest PVDF technology that provides higher directivity while remaining lightweight. Another advantage of the Pinger SBP receive array is its wide bandwidth. The same receive array can be used simultaneously for multiple frequencies. Designed to be very portable and lightweight the Pinger is well suited for small boats and shallow water applications that have been problematic with traditional SBP‟s on the market. During the demonstration the Pinger was operated in water as shallow as 1.5 meters. Shallow water has always been a problem for conventional SBP's because of transmission pulse ringing.

SonarWiz 5 SBP software was used to process and display the data collected with the Pinger SBP. Chesapeake is the leading producer of software for the real-time acquisition and post processing of sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler data. SonarWiz 5 has become the standard for Navies, government agencies, survey companies and universities around the world. The software is designed to be very user friendly and fast at processing the data.

The results from the Pinger were exceptionally good with very high resolution mapping of the layers, and bedrock as well as depth of penetration. Two very experienced observers onboard during the demonstration, Tom Manley and Garry Kozak both agreed the data was very good and produced results that rivaled conventional large heavy SBP systems. The lightweight system will open up new possibilities in shallow water for surveyors.

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