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Royal Navy to send ROVs into beachhead
Date: Monday, May 30, 2005 @ 09:24:39 EDT

Britain's Royal Navy will begin using remote operating vehicles, or ROVs, to track down deadly sea mines, long a threat to North Sea divers and oil and gas activity.

ROV_hercules_SUBSEA7.jpgDubbed REMUS - short for remote environmental monitoring units ## instead of ROV, the battery-powered craft will scan the seabed in water up to 100 metres deep.

Detecting obstacles to seaborne invasion is the stated aim of the craft.

Navy divers were formerly entrusted with the risky mission. In a £2.75-million spree, 10 vehicles will be bought by the Defence Procurement Agency for service next year.

The supplier was not revealed.

May 30, 2005


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