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Underwater Robot to Assist in Aquatic Husbandry
Date: Friday, May 20, 2005 @ 13:45:29 EDT

VideoRayVideoRay announced that its VideoRay Pro III, has been delivered to Monterey Bay Aquarium, and has been hard at work! It has already been used for removing a 160 pound tuna from one of the exhibit tanks - with a giant green sea turtle that had attached itself to the fish.

Click for high res photoAfter the VideoRay was delivered, VideoRay President Scott Bentley stopped by with Bill Martin, another VideoRay expert, to explain demonstrate usage and maintenance of the unit and some future directions, including the use of the unit with a scanning sonar, driven by a laptop computer, and internet operation. The VideoRay was flown in a huge exhibit tank that was closed for renovations, and a group of Monterey Bay Aquarium employees and volunteers took turns learning techniques for observing and collecting fish and other aquatic creatures.

The VideoRay ROV will allow the aquarium to react more rapidly when items need to be removed from exhibit tanks, without the delay and expense of mobilizing divers. It will also be used in the open waters outside the aquarium for observation and specimen retrieval, inspection work, and field investigation. Initial tests confirm that the VideoRay does not seem to bother or repel aquatic life, and its low cost and long "bottom time" makes it an ideal tool for scientific study.

May 16, 2005


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