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1,000 Days of safety in Europe / West Africa for Canyon Offshore
Date: Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 11:00:00 EDT

1,000 Days of safety in Europe / West Africa for Canyon OffshoreAs of Friday May 20th 2011, Canyon Offshore, Helix ESG's robotics unit, achieved the significant milestone of reaching 1,000 operating days without a Recordable Injury Incident in its Europe and West African (EWA) regions.

Helix ESG believes that the proactive approach to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) awareness made by Canyon Offshore's crews, from the managers and supervisors to the junior ROV pilot technicians, has been the key to the company's excellent safety record.

The safety culture developed in the region allows for open communication and discussion regarding the QHSE system, initiatives, objectives and issues between the offshore crews and onshore support.

i-Trencher crew onboard "Island Pioneer" in the North Sea
"This allows us to develop a robust QHSE management system which has input from all employees using the system," said Senior Europe / West Africa QHSE Advisor Marc Walden. "This has the benefits of ensuring that the system is user-friendly and that it has buy in from everyone."

For instance, some new procedures have been updated following feedback from the company's offshore crews which resulted in several critical improvements to the system. In addition, Canyon Offshore EWA has launched some key initiatives and objectives in 2011 to further the overall safety culture.

Firstly, in January 2011, an initiative was launched to improve knowledge and understanding of the safe systems in place amongst junior offshore employees by having them lead and use some of the most important QHSE tools such as Tool Box Talks and Hazard Hunts.

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