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OSIL building on specialist rental pool
Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 @ 13:00:00 EDT

OSIL building on specialist rental poolOSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd.) are seeing increased demand for their pool of specialist rental equipment. Although OSIL is not a dedicated hire company, enquiries for highly specialised rental equipment have proven sufficient enough to enable OSIL to expand the range of equipment offered.

"The current economic downturn may be an attributing factor in the increased interest in our rental pool," said Dr Richard Williams, Managing Director of OSIL, "as funding, particularly in educational establishments and government-run bodies, has become tighter, and budgets come under closer scrutiny."

Recent applications for some of the rental equipment available include long term environmental monitoring, short term dredge monitoring, emergency pollution event monitoring and short term academic studies.

OSIL's rental pool now includes current and wave monitoring systems, the MiniBAT undulating towbody, multiparameter sound velocity and water quality instruments, sediment corers, data buoys complete with communication and monitoring solutions, and lab-based equipment such as Guildline salinometers. All rental equipment is available to hire on a weekly basis.

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