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Nawras lands second stage sea cable in project with Tata Global Network-Gulf
Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Nawras lands second stage sea cable in project with Tata Global Network-GulfNawras is reporting the recent successful landing of its second sea cable, completing the Sultanate of Oman's stage of this important project with Tata Global Network-Gulf (TGN-Gulf). Chief Commercial Officer Tore Solberg and Chief Technical Officer Peter Rubeck were on site to witness the arrival of the MV Reliance cable ship and to observe the subsequent safe delivery of the cable from ship to shore.

In a well-practised manoeuvre, the telecommunications cable was attached to approximately 50 buoys and floated to the shore where it was joined to the Nawras network. The buoys were then detached one-by-one, enabling the cable to sink slowly to the seabed in a controlled manner under the direction of specialists. Divers ensured that the cable is safely embedded in position and protected from the elements, weather and shipping.

Nawras is proud to be providing Oman's submarine cable link to the Tata Global Network. By the second half of 2011, the first of the two telecommunications cables will be taking traffic from the Nawras network in the direction of Mumbai and onwards to the rest of the world.

By virtue of being a part of the Tata Communications submarine cable network, Nawras will be able to have enhanced capacity as well as complete control over the quality standards for both voice and data services sent through these sea cables.

Nawras, a Qtel Group company, is investing a total of 140 million Omani Rials in network-related capital expenditure over 2010 and 2011 including this significant sea cable development. Customers will reap the benefits of Nawras having end-to-end quality control which will be contributing to adding further improvements to its pleasingly different customer experience.

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