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AC-CESS & Deep Development Corp Partnership
Date: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 @ 19:32:11 EDT

Click to enlargeHomeland Security Armed with the “Search Warrant TM.” against Potential Threats

A timely breakthrough in Homeland Security has been achieved through a technology development partnership between AC-CESS of Aberdeen Scotland and Deep Development Corp (DDC) of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

For the first time a fully integrated and supported ROV Threat Inspection System is now available to front line operatives and security professionals in the fight against terrorism. The Viperfish Search WarrantTM. system has specifically been developed to examine, evaluate and record the threat posed by unknown, potentially dangerous targets wherever water can conceal them.

State of the art front end ROV technology is backed up by cutting edge Digital Video Recorder (DVR) equipment, used to inspect and search for explosives, narcotics and weapons by security specialists. For the first time, the front line operator has the option of a purpose built underwater inspection system developed and designed specifically for Homeland Security operations.

The Companies and their Technology

AC-CESS - The AC-ROV is the new breakthrough mini ROV in the underwater inspection market. Designed for harsh environment inspection in the commercial market, the potential of the AC-ROV in threat detection was instantly realised by the security specialists at Deep Developments Corporations Special Operations Division. With complete freedom of movement (a market first), a rugged and robust harsh environment design, state of the art underwater camera relay system and intuitive one handed control system ideal for close in fast target identification - the system comes with a true North Sea Oil Industry pedigree. Designed by All Oceans Engineering Ltd of Aberdeen Scotland, who have over 25 years of offshore and marine solution engineering evident in its capabilities.

Deep Development Corp. – Staffed by underwater inspection and security specialists, Viperfish products are designed for all-weather and harsh environments .Viperfish digital video recording systems have been designed specifically for” Feet Wet” security applications. Combining critical decision making technology, true robustness and online upgrades it could be seen as though these two technologies were designed as one system.

The Result

The Search Warrant – the redevelopment and integration of these two technologies has resulted in a real weapon against terrorism. Unprecedented mobility and inspection capabilities are now coupled with digital image and audio recording that is instantly viewable / downloadable. While a fully integrated ROV Threat Inspection System is a breakthrough in itself, what is more amazing about this equipment is that it is a true single operator system. Completely portable, the system is deployed and piloted by the individual - who evaluates, identifies and records the suspicious target. With obvious time and cost savings, the real saving is that of risk to life.

The Search Warrant will be on display at ISC West 2005 – Las Vegas 06/04/ - 08/0405., Deep Development Corporation – Booth 5142.

The Search Warrant is exclusively available from DDC.
Deep Development Corp

Source: AC-CESS

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