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Brazilian ROV school chooses ROVsim from Marine Simulation
Date: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 @ 11:30:00 EDT

Brazilian ROV school chooses ROVsim from Marine SimulationNutecmar, of Santo São Paulo, Brazil, recently incorporated a ROVsim training simulator into their micro ROV training program.

When asked about the ROVsim simulator, Managing Partner Eduardo Meurer had this to say: "The simulator is showing itself to be an incredible tool for students to get practice before piloting the real ROVs. It utilizes the same kind of controls as our Gnom ROVs plus the simulator reproduces more challenging situations very well."

Nutecmar's week-long "Introduction to ROVs and Micro ROV Pilot" course consists of an introduction to ROV operations, background and theory, hands on flying in progressively more difficult situations and operating a virtual ROV in different environments and scenarios in the ROVsim simulator. Nutecmar is the Latin American distributor of GNOM ROV's which are manufactured by Indel-Partner Ltd. in Moscow, Russia. Nutecmar has plans to expand with additional classes for not only micro and mini class ROV operations, but also working class ROV's which they hope to start later this year.

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