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Massive step forward for Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometry
Date: Thursday, April 21, 2011 @ 10:00:00 EDT

Massive step forward for Fast Repetition Rate FluorometryChelsea's Dr Kevin Oxborough gave a talk on Fast Repetition Rate fluorometry (FRRf) at the ASLO meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico (13th to 18th February), entitled 'Using multi-wavelength Fast Repetition Rate fluorometry (FRRf) to improve the accuracy of primary productivity measurements within diverse natural phytoplankton communities'.

Dr Oxborough's talk included a new method for estimating the number of photosystem II complexes per unit volume from FRRf data (developed with colleagues at NOC, Southampton and the University of Essex). This method represents a massive step forward for FRRf, as it allows for the direct estimation of primary productivity from FRRf data alone. The method currently is being fully integrated within Chelsea Technologies' FASTpro software, to allow for real time, fully automated estimation of primary production from the FASTtracka II sensor and FASTact laboratory system. Software tools for the analysis of in situ data also are being developed.

Dr Kevin Oxborough

The Chelsea team will be demonstrating their new Fast Repetition Rate Fluorimeter system on board RV Callista during Ocean Business (5-7th April 2011) at Southampton Oceanography Centre. Applications for this system now include primary productivity measurements, coastal monitoring, iron fertilization experiments, algal bloom detection and the protection of water supplies against accidental or deliberate contamination.

To book your place on this in-water demonstration or to arrange a meeting with Dr Kevin Oxborough, please contact Ellen Keegan, +44(0)20 8481 9019 or visit Ocean Business 2011.

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