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Teledyne TSS to launch new DMS-500RP range
Date: Friday, April 01, 2011 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Teledyne TSS to launch new DMS-500RP rangeA new addition to the Teledyne TSS range of DMS motion sensors is being launched at the Ocean Business exhibition in Southampton. The DMS-500 range is being developed specifically to meet the needs of users who require a top-quality motion sensor with Ethernet connectivity, but do not require the subsea-rated housings that typify Teledyne TSS products. The result will be a complete range of conservatively-priced sensors that incorporate a number of advanced and innovative features for applications such as Dynamic Positioning (DP), wave height monitoring and structural stress monitoring. The versatile design means that the range will be available in various accuracies to make it suitable for a wide range of bespoke applications.

The first phase of the product's launch introduces the Roll Pitch range of sensors - DMS-525RP, DMS-535RP and DMS-550RP. These provide a highly reliable, accurate and cost-effective choice for motion measurement with roll/pitch accuracies from 0.25? to 0.50? RMS with high dynamic accuracy during vessel turns. Unique features of the new sensor are the ability to provide Power and Data over Ethernet; and the inclusion of two independently configurable serial outputs - offering users a wide range of connection and application options.

The solid state circuitry of the DMS-500 is contained within a surface-use housing that is water resistant to International Standard IEC 60945 Class B for marine applications (IP65). It is designed to be DNV-certified and uses solid state angular rate sensors that offer reliability with a MTBF of more than 50,000 hours plus global availability due to the absence of any export restrictions.

The compact and lightweight DMS-500 is certified to meet all current and anticipated European legislation for electromagnetic compatibility and electronic emissions. It is also backed by a one year parts and labour warranty and the acclaimed high level of Teledyne TSS technical support that is constantly available.

In addition to its range of motion sensors, Teledyne TSS also manufactures marine and survey grade gyrocompasses for offshore use on or beneath the sea.

The company is also well established as a supplier of high integrity products to the marine and offshore oil and gas markets. These include inertial navigation systems, pipe and cable trackers and ship steering systems.

Last year the company celebrated its 100th birthday which followed a move to an advanced new factory in Croxley Green. It now enjoys space for more production lines and it has a number of new products in development that are soon expected to occupy them.

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