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Hadal Technologies Dibujo HD video overlay system: Upgraded for HD screen captur
Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011 @ 12:00:00 EDT

Hadal Technologies Dibujo HD video overlay system: Upgraded for HD screen captureHadal Technologies has upgraded its Dibujo HD-SDI High Definition Video Overlay to also perform screen captures of real time video. The Dibujo can now take a snapshot of the overlay output with no interruption to the HDSDI video. Other HD camera systems capable of capturing real time images often disable the HD video output during the image capture, leaving ROV pilots 'on standby' until the video stream returns. Such systems also often require that the stored image be transferred from the camera via some other data link like USB, whereas the Dibujo performs all image capture topside and stores the file locally or to any networked computer.

Designed to put operational ROV data where ROV operators need it - on the high definition camera displays they use to pilot subsea vehicles, Hadal Technologies' Dibujo increases operator situational awareness and is ideal for video documentation tasks. The Dibujo HD-SDI Video Overlay System accepts dynamic data via 5 serial or Ethernet inputs and is also capable of displaying graphics files (corporate logos, etc.). The Dibujo overlay is configured through an easy to use Graphical User Interface application and includes a powerful message interpreter makes it possible to ingest and display virtually any data stream.

The Dibujo is conveniently housed in a small 1U rackmount chassis so the system is easily integrated with existing topside equipment. The system is seamlessly integrated with Hadal Technologies' Oculus HD camera and Octopod Fiber Optic Receiver/Multiplexer, and recording and editing systems, making Hadal's product offering the only complete seafloor to desktop HD solution.

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